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Money Back: You Will Never Waste Money with Us does its best to be maximally customer-friendly. We have developed a number of policies, which make clients feel safe and confident about using our service. The conditions are clear and cover all possible cases that may occur. You can be sure that all the points are always kept from our side.

Although we take care about the highest quality of performance, there may be some cases, when clients need their money back for some reasons. Here is the full set of money back policy conditions for you to be aware of.

  1. Can I get my money back?

    Surely, there is a set of conditions under which you can get a refund for your order. There must be a valid reason for such a claim, and if you have one – feel free to start a dispute about your order. Every dispute case is reviewed personally in order to leave both sides satisfied with the final decision. Our customers’ satisfaction rate is 97%. We still understand that some questions may arise while co-operating and that is what money back policy exists for.

  2. How to start a dispute?

    If you need your money back, you should send such a request to dispute department by e-mail. It will take from 7 to 10 business days for the dispute department manager to check each particular case in details to find the core of the problem. This helps to find the fair resolution for every case. After the request being reviewed, the DD manager will respond to you by e-mail. It is recommended for clients to stay in touch during the dispute process, so the case can be dealt with effectively and within the shortest time.

  3. What are the possible conditions for getting a money back?

    • If you have noticed that you have paid twice for the same order, please notify us about the issue immediately. We will check the payment details and in case we confirm that the double payment occurred, we will do the refund for the odd payment as soon as possible.
    • There is nothing to worry about, because the procedure is practically the same as for the previous case. Please, make sure to inform us before we start working on both orders to avoid any inconveniences.
    • In case of lateness with the order delivery we will issue a partial refund for you. If we were late for more than 20 minutes, the order price will be recalculated as for the longer deadline and the difference will be refunded back to you. Please, note that we take all the preventative measures for the cases of lateness not to happen.

      The lateness may be caused by the delays in getting the necessary clarifications from the customer’s side. Please, understand that if the writer needs some vital information (either message or file) from your side, the order will be put on hold till we get the response to be able to proceed. Kindly check that your order instructions are full and clear before you let the writer start working on the assignment.

      In some cases, we may request a deadline extension for the certain order. This may happen due to the complexity of the assignment. Please, note that we are aimed at the highest quality of the custom papers completion, and some extra time may be needed on this reason. If the customer agrees to provide us with some extra time, they will not be eligible to get the refund for the lateness with the order delivery.

      The refund claims are possible within 10 days from the first order delivery. Unfortunately, the late requests will not be reviewed.
    • The lateness with revision is not a valid reason for getting the refund for the order.

      You can start a dispute if the revised paper has not been sent to you 30 minutes past the due time. However, the writer will stop working on the revision in this case.

      If lateness with revision is your main argument for getting money refunded, the highest amount you can get is 15% from the order total. The customer should start a dispute and the dispute department manager will message back with the actual possible amount of refund in their specific case.
    • Our writers are doing their best to meet the assignment specifications precisely so to make customers fully satisfied with the order outcome. As some misunderstandings may occur, we offer you a possibility to get a refund for the completed order. Here are the possible reasons of getting a refund:
      • The customer has not approved the preview file of the assignment written for them. There is a possibility to get the text adjusted at no extra charge under such conditions. If a revision is no more possible, the client is eligible to start a dispute for the order. The manager responsible for the dispute cases will ask one to tell a valid and reasonable argument for the refund. This is a preventive measure from the possible fraud activities connected with using our service. The client is required to provide a proof of the task being completed incorrectly within 7 days from the time of starting a dispute. In case of failure in doing this, the option of getting money back will not be available any more.
      • The final version of the completed order has been approved, but the client still needs a refund for it. Kindly note that approval of the order equals to the approval of being satisfied with it. That is why no more than 30% of the order total is possible to be refunded under such circumstances.
      • A client wants to cancel the order. There are different steps in the order completion process, so the amount of possible refund will depend on the time of your request. If you need a refund for the order you have just placed, please inform us immediately and get the full amount issued back in case the writer has not been assigned yet. If your writer has already started working on your assignment, but less than half of the set time frames has passed so far, the refund up to 70% is possible. If more than half of the initially remaining time has passed, the maximum available refund is 30% from the order total. After the order has been uploaded to your personal page, it cannot be cancelled and money are not available to be refunded on this matter.
      • Kindly note that there is a time limitation for the possibility of getting papers revised or orders refunded. Please, remember that you have 10 days from the order delivery to request your refund or ask for the paper correction. After 10 days pass, the custom assignment is considered as approved and no revision or refund is possible for it. To avoid any inconveniences caused by this point of our policy, please keep in touch with your writer and support team while your order is in process. It is better to resolve any misunderstandings before the order is delivered. We work to support the fruitful communication between writers and customers, so both sides are being notified about the messages via e-mails and phone calls for the prompt responses.
    • There is a plagiarism free guarantee to assure our customers in getting original papers only. We use the specially developed software to make sure that the guarantee is being kept. As only Turnitin system can show up all the similarity results, you can claim your money back due to the paper being copied fully or partly. The Turnitin report and the report from your professor/university are the only valid proofs for asking a refund for the order based on the plagiarism issue.

      Customers should keep in mind that once having checked a paper with Turnitin, one gets it saved to the Turnitin database, and the further checking will show the high percentage of plagiarism.
    • We regret to inform you that the additional options are not refundable. The only exception is the possible refund for the special category of writer selected, but only in case the writer has not been assigned to work on your paper yet.

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