Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection

There is certain information that you undertake to provide to our website for the purpose of full-fledged cooperation.

It is a question of name, surname, and contact data like phone number or the electronic address. These data will be needed during the registration process, entering your personal account or placing an order.

In case of need or unwillingness to disclose personal data, you can use the services of our resource anonymously, this function is supported.

For what reason do we collect your personal information and how do we use it?

We use this data solely for the purpose of consistent and logical cooperation:



It is much more convenient when all the information about the client is in one place, so we will contact you faster, ask questions or respond to your comments;



Having the necessary information about the customers and their feedback about our service, we can make a picture of the functioning of our resource from the point of view of the customer. This will help us avoid pitfalls, mistakes and inaccuracies;

Delivery of the order

Delivery of the order

We need at least minimal contact information about you so that we can deliver your order to you. Your phone numbers and e-mail addresses will not be transferred to third parties, we will not use them in any other cases, except as specified above;

Stay in touch

Stay in touch

Based on the first paragraph of this list, the availability of contact information allows us to contact the client as quickly as possible. Given the tight deadlines for the completion of your order that you can specify, every minute is important and we cannot afford longer inaction without the necessary clarifications and explanations.

Methods of Data Protection

All your information, placed by you on our resource, remains within its limits and is absolutely protected in terms of time-based security methods.

The information is stored on the encrypted server. With regard to financial data, credit card numbers or accounts, these data are protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Then follows the procedure for encrypting this data in order to ensure maximum confidentiality.

Subsequently, after making a payment and receiving your order, you can be sure that all your financial data is not saved on the server of our resource.


Children Online Privacy Protection Act is about that it is forbidden to receive information from individuals under the age of 13 years. We only cooperate with people who are older that this.


Our resource can use cookies only with permission of the client. We are talking about special files that are moved to the hard drive of the client's computer and allow our company to receive data about the browser and some other information. This is done in order to better understand your preferences and wishes and analyze your specific previous actions.

Confidentiality in Online Mode

We guarantee full protection of the data that were provided to us online by means of the Internet. However, we are not responsible for the actions of a client who has made his or her personal information available offline.

Illegal Dissemination of Information to Unauthorized People

Who has access to your data? Only the website staff provided for this purpose, who will contact you on this matter or another, have access to them. Also, technical personnel that ensure the proper functioning of our resource can know about them, but they are bound by non-disclosure agreement that prohibits them from using your data.

The disclosure of information is possible only for reasons of violation of the law and our rules and serves only as protection of our rights. In all other cases, the disclosure is impossible.

Client’s Agreement

Consider that if you started to use our resource to place your data and order, then you automatically agree with all the rules that we specified in this section.


A separate section of our resource is devoted to the terms of cooperation with the client. You can get acquainted with it at any time.

Changes and Updates

All changes and updates are recorded on this page and in case of their appearance you can get acquainted with the last date of their occurrence and the changes themselves.

Date of last update: 03.10.2017

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