Revision Policy: Adjustment Possible

Revision Policy: Adjustment Possible

Keeping quality of our written works up to the mark is the main aim of, that is why we receive above 92% of positive feedback from our customers. All the company’s policies and guarantees have been developed to support the comfortable and safe service for our customers. We are available to accept your requests, comments and provide you with updates at any time. Thus, if you feel that your assignment directions have not been met accordingly or you need some adjustments to improve your paper, you are welcome to enjoy the free unlimited revisions.

Revision Conditions of

  1. It is necessary to keep in mind that the revision requirements must not contradict the initially stated ones. You should understand that extra comments lead to the additional work, and that is why you will be asked for extra charges in case of such an ask.
  2. To get an order revised, you should specify, what is wrong about it. The revision request should be send from the client’s personal page and consist of two main elements. There should be the revision directions and the time limit for the revision performance. It is also possible to message the support team representative proving the same information, so it will be forwarded to your writer.
  3. It is possible to get the paper revised an unlimited number of times for free, with the only specification that the requests should be sent no later than within 10 days from the order first delivery. After 10 days pass, the order is approved and no free revisions are available any longer. We will be glad to make all the necessary adjustments for you, but please be aware that after 10 days pass from the order being uploaded to your account, this will be possible only at an extra cost.
  4. If you feel that your writer is not able to fulfil your expectations due to some reasons, you can request another expert to assist on your assignment. We will find another person, who is proficient in your particular field. This request is possible after you have given your first writer 3 chances to improve the paper. Also, you need to tell the reasonable argument why you need a new writer in your particular case.
  5. If you need to change the initial specifications for a revision, or add some new specifications, you will be asked to pay for the extra work. The amount of the extra payment needed will depend on the deadline and amount of changes to be considered. Usually, the price for revision is 70% from the initial one, but it can be modified based on your particular conditions.
  6. It is possible to start a dispute only after there were at least 2 revisions performed for your order. There is an exception for urgent orders (with 12-hour deadlines or less), as one revision will be enough to request a refund for the order. Also note, that to get your money issued back you should be able to explain the reasons and they need to be strong enough.
  7. We understand that clients with lengthy tasks worry a lot. That is why if your custom paper text is supposed to have more than 30 pages, we offer you a possibility of free adjustments within 20 days from the date when order was provided for the first time.
  8. It will be great if you can allow as much time for the revision delivery, as it is possible, so we can adhere to all the detailed specifications. We are aware of the fact, that in some cases you may face a tough deadline, so revision may be of an urgent need. The minimum possible deadline for revision is 4 hours, but if your order has the extra short deadline, we can deliver the file with the necessary adjustments applied even in 2 hours from the request. The thing is that we need some time to contact your writer for him/her to check the request.
  9. If you are still not satisfied even after the order has been revised for you, you are eligible to start a dispute for getting a refund. All you need is to send an e-mail to the dispute department explaining the point why you need to get a refund. The manager will review your order and respond within 7-10 business days.

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