The Rules of the First Impression. Are You the Good Student?

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You are the absolutely new person in a new place, and all your previous achievements are known to nobody. All your "baggage of influence" remained in the school walls. It is time to build a new "bastion" of merit in order to prove yourself a good student. Only how to do this? You will find further the answer to this question.

Before going directly to recommendations on how to prove yourself in a higher education institution, you need to honestly answer yourself to one simple question: "Why should I do this?". Some of you believe that you need to immediately "light up" anywhere in order to continue to "shine" without ceasing. If you need help with your studies, check webpage.

If you declare yourself in a new place, then you are guaranteed to be paid attention from the part of the professors and newly-made fellow students. And attention is a demanded thing. The more you attract attention to yourself, the more vital energy you get. And the great vital energy gives strength to great life achievements. Do you want to be a successful person?

So, we partially answered the question: "Why should you prove yourself the good student?" And, by the way, we have not told who we consider being a "good student". By "good student" we mean a person (a girl or a boy) who has success in studies (this is a primary requirement, because why to go to college otherwise), conducts active social activities, helps companions and possesses some kind of talent, which distinguishes him or her from the crowd of other university students (for example, a person can masterly play the accordion or mini-football).

The only question is how to immediately "light up" in front of the public. Agree, it is unlikely that in the very first days of your stay in a new educational institution you will be able to prove yourself as an outstanding leader in a certain field. Whether it is singing, dancing, intellectual ability, or just leadership among people.

Leave the first two or three weeks for adaptation. Do not immediately show "all the best". It is not necessary to make a "show" in the first days of the presence in the new place. Firstly, this is done only by people who are negligent, who came to the university not for knowledge, but just for fun. Nothing pleases them so much as fooling around. And, secondly, such actions can shock your groupmates who expected something more academic from the university.

Explore your surroundings. Observe the groupmates. After you figure out who they are at least in general terms, proceed to take active steps to get the authority of the good student. How to do it is written below.

Put Studies Ahead of Everything Else

Your academic achievement is the main thing in the university. At the same time, it is important to understand that it is not the grades themselves that are important, but the knowledge and skills that you get in the course of your education at the university. Again, why did you come to the university – to study or play the phone in lectures, as many do?

Be a Public Figure

Not one good academic achievement is important. You still need to be a public figure, i.e. take part in various events held within the walls of your institution of higher education. Just do not overdo it in public life.

Publicity will not help cope with gaps in knowledge. Therefore, observe the optimal balance. If you manage to harmoniously combine public life with good academic performance, then you will easily prove yourself as a good student.

Take the Initiative

Some believe that the initiative does bad things with the initiator. If you also think, then you might not read further. The article is clearly not meant for you. If you like to take the initiative, then listen to such a secret thing. Yes-yes, this is really a secret thing as only a limited number of people know about it. And do you know why? The thing is that there are very few people of such type in nature.

The secret is that people do not want to take responsibility. They want to study or work silently so that no one touches them, but that the earthly goods do not bypass them.

If you are an enterprising person, offer some ideas, and, most importantly, take responsibility for their implementation, then you will prove yourself as a good student in any way (hear, in any way). No good deed goes "unpunished", but one does not receive anything at all if one does nothing. You can do something right, something wrong. It does not matter. The main thing is to do it.

History favors those who do something. There are many positive and negative examples of famous people who contributed to history. The scale of accomplishments is the grandeur of their fulfillment. And any, even the most grandiose business starts with the idea and initiative. Think about it.

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