Paper on the Secrets of a Successful Public Performance


Presentation of a project or report in History in front of your groupmates, taking an oral exam in Foreign Literature or even an essay defense requires an excellent public performance skill. During such kind of events, we listen to some speakers attentively, showing a rising interest and trying to catch every word, while some boring and even monotonous statements of others make us sleepy, irritated or, in some cases, even angry. A similar situation is observed in everyday communication: we are eager to meet an interesting talk partner once again and desire to finish or interrupt the conversation with a bore.

From Loyalty from Customer to Loyalty to Customer: Marketing Essay


A customer’s loyalty is what businesses are struggling for all the time. If you are running business and offering some products or services, you do not only need to get the customer, you would love him to stay with you as long as possible. This is called loyalty: you are sure that your client is happy with what they have received as a product and comes back to you. However, there is a return notion of this phenomenon – loyalty to a customer. So, what does it mean? Learn in our new essay at!

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