Indian Culture: Writing About Architecture and Music

Indian Architecture

Indian culture occupies the first place in the history of world culture. It is characterized by grand achievements for more than three-thousand years’ period of its development. Indian culture is characterized by longevity, the perception of creative achievements of foreign cultures and the ability not to lose their fundamental values. Let’s learn more about two main aspects of Indian culture and use the info for writing an essay in case you need one.

How to Force Yourself to Study: Tips and Ways

Lazy Student

Education is a great work. A learning process is incredibly difficult. Every day you must go to university, learn a lot and do many tasks. It is not surprising that many pupils and students begin to be lazy. Forcing yourself to learn is not a right option. You need to join the process and find something interesting in it.

Back to School and First Week's Highs&Lows You Will Have to Come Through

Excited Student

The precious warm summer days are coming to an end and it means you have to start preparing yourself for coming back to school. So put your go-to lecture outfits out of your closet and trade your beach reads for textbooks. Even if you are of those students who are looking forward to finally be back to school, make sure you are mentally ready for the ups and downs first week may offer you. Here are some tips for you on how to handle everything easily.

The Best Reasons to Become a Sudoku Pro


You sit in the train and see each and every one being occupied with an interesting game. No, it is not an update of the World of Tanks, neither it is the magazine of crosswords. It is Sudoku. What is it? How to play it? Why is it so popular? Let's find out.

They say, you can never know until you try by yourself.

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