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People often talk about drugs legalization, meaning not only cannabis but more dangerous substances as well. They claim it will decrease number of crimes, police will have less work and jails will not be so crowded. Of course, these are great pluses for government and society. However, followers of drugs’ legalization usually forget to mention several disadvantages of it, which may play a significant role in community’s development. In the article, some of them are presented, that are useful for college students to be aware of danger of drugs’ usage; I would as well use these if I were to write my essay.


All drugs, even some of them which are considered to be “light” and safe, cause addiction in event of regular usage. Increasing of number of people who suffer from it is the result of legalization. That means society in general will become weaker and slack. The public opinion, in such case, doesn’t weight anything. Moreover, a drug addiction leads to the destruction of family institution. More divorces, domestic violence, personal crises and so on are the probable consequences.

Teenagers’ Involving

It is likely that the youth will be involved in drugs usage in case it is legal. Many people are attracted by these substances at an early age, as they don’t have enough responsibility and comprehension of its harm. The thing that stops them is law punishment and taboos. In case of its absence it will be much easier for children to get drugs and become addictive. That means nation will lose its young generation.

Harm for Health   

This is well-known fact that drugs have a bad impact on human’s health, especially with regular usage. That leads to a risk of cancer, heart and lungs diseases, bad immunity system and irreversible damages for nervous one. Person becomes mentally and physically weak. Such illnesses as paranoia, depression, permanent stress may cause more serious consequences, which can’t be cured without professional help. Psychosis and schizophrenia are common results of drugs’ addiction.

Drug Trader

More Crimes

Despite the average opinion, the drugs’ legalization doesn’t mean fewer crimes in this field. Conversely more felon organizations and groups occur, which try to make easy money with trading dangerous substances and that is considered to be legal. Wars for territory and influence are results of it. People will not be protected from it by police anymore. Streets and poor districts, in such case, become even more maleficent and unsecured because of ones who is not interested in drugs purchasing.

All on all, drugs legalization has irreversible consequences for society and country’s well-being in general. That affects economy, politic, education and other spheres of state’s life. Trading harmful substances will become uncontrollable by police or government and this process may be fatal for security establishment on the streets. Moreover, the first thing which should be taken into consideration is a health rate of nation, drugs, as alcohol and cigarettes, do a great harm for it. That’s why anti legalizing company should be held among the country and punishment for its usage and trading has to be stricter.

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