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While studying at school or in the university we keep on reading many books, using them to complete any original essay. Most of them we are forced to use, and that is why sometimes after finishing studies people stop reading, leaving so many possibilities behind! Books are the world in words, it is a whole bunch of new lives you never had. Find the books which will take your breath away and prepare for the big number of adventurous journeys. Moreover, scientists keep on stating that books are not only interesting, but also rather useful. Here are more reasons why you should love reading.

Good consequences of reading:

1. Improvement of Brain Work

Independently on which literature we read, scientists have proved that after a person has read a book, the level of their intellect will be increased during several days.

Different stories leave their mark in psychological and in neurological aspects, as well. The reading process stimulates such parts of the brain's core as sense of touch, perception and development of the memory. That is why reading not only makes the level of intellect increase, but also trains the brain. We are learning to perceive and systematize information, widen our worldview and add to our vocabulary.

2. Struggle Against Prejudices

Good and qualified literature can hall in fight against prejudices. When we are reading, we learn to understand people of another race, culture and religion. We learn more about life in other countries and the manners and customs of other ages. We learn to sympathize people independently on their color of skin or sexual orientation.

For example, there was an investigation which showed that children who were grown on Harry Potter stories are more loyal to immigrants, refugees, homosexuals and Africans. During the whole book, Harry Potter and his friends teach readers patience and tolerance. After all, Harry Potter books appear to be more useful than some people thought.

3. Prophylaxis of Aging

Reading stimulates the brain work, helping it to remain in good shape even in old age. If you are reading regularly during your life, it is a great possibility to reduce the risk of losing memory or partly prevent the loss of concentration and attention.

According to investigations, old people who were spending their time by reading were less prone to catch senile dementia. Those people who were leading ordinary way of life without any hobbies, books and intellectual work could not boast of such success. Thus, it appears to be that the more we read, the more we save our ability to understand.

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4. Increase of Life Length

Reading prolongs life. Some researchers say that people who read books have twice or three times longer life comparing to those who did not read. In order to live longer, you should read for half an hour each day. In order to improve the quality and length of your life, it is not necessary to do complicated things, as things turn out that just a little bit of reading each day can be enough.

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