Essay About Races: The History and Notion of an Aryan Race

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Multiracial Group of People

What is a race? How did we come to describe a person by their discrepancy from another one?

Even nowadays we cannot determine precisely why a race is to be distinguished by certain features which include skin color, hair color, anthropological features, and even cultural differences like customs and moral values.

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The Structure of Your Essay About Aryan Race

In order to succeed with completing such a daunting task one must bear in mind a few techniques as well as keep the proper image of a structure.

  • Introduction. Briefly state what is to be enlightened in your essay and what goals you want to achieve with it;
  • Body part. As is said in your title, dive into history to investigate the origin of the term “race” and its development throughout history. Also, come closer to the main objective of your essay in the next paragraph. In the third one depict the influence of an Aryan race on today’s perception of the word “race”;
  • In the concluding part state your own observations and sum up the main idea of your investigation.

The Roots of Racism

Aryan Nazi Sign

No, German dictator was not superior in discriminating other nations and races, however, he had a great step on accelerating this process. As we know, the great philosopher of the 18th century Emmanuel Kant was amazed by the idea of human’s diversity and he was first to name them as “races”, hence he was an intelligent man he was occupied with a notion of the domination of a “white” – Caucasian race which is, according to him, the only one able to self-improvement.

This way of thinking gave a great impulse for later enslaving African people. As a justification, Europeans took Bible.

The scandalous book “Mein Kampf”, where the bravest thoughts of the hierarchy of races and eradication of the other ones were depicted, had drastic outcome after its application.

The Term “Aryan” And Its Development

The meaning if this word as we know today was extremely distorted. Originally this word was used to call Indian people and later Indo-European groups who were traveling from the today’s India through the whole Europe. This word also exists in the Persian language with the help of which Indo-Iranian tribes were describing themselves.

Even though the original meaning is known, many scientists agree that the most probable hypothesis is that it means a “nobleman”. After that this term was a recognition of all Indo-Europeans and their homeland was pointed in northern part of Europe, which narrowed the definition and community only to Nordic people.

Aryan race as a nowadays’ term is commonly determined as an ascendancy of one superior race over other races which are considered to be less-developed or simply not good enough to be mentioned as civilized and intelligent races. This notion has brought an irreparable ruination of national dignity and equality in the world.

Today’s Perception of the Term

The principle of the Aryan race has been modified into other organizations that were trying to revive the Nazi’s ideology. That is how the Neo-Nazis claimed that West European people are to be the closest to the image of a pure race called Aryan.

Nowadays with the development of globalization people tend to unification and equality, forgetting all former discrimination issues and strictly preventing the current waves of them. We learn to treat each other equally without any prejudices. It is still very hard to do due to the terroristic actions of many groups of people who damage the reputation of whole nations and counties.

Nevertheless, we are to support our moral values as well as other traditions and customs, religious beliefs and skin color. That is our main goal today, have peace and never let the war history repeat itself.

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