How to Force Students Attend Classes, Problem of the 21st Century

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Afraid To Go Out

You will not surprise anyone if you say that nowadays most of the students skip classes and don’t even feel guilty about that. Lots of teachers ignore such an irresponsible attitude, as we are no longer at school and everyone should be in control of their lives. However, such an approach is false as well. Students can surely decide for themselves if they need to attend classes, but their usual absence is teachers’ fault as well. Today you will learn some helpful data regarding this issue from, which may later serve you as a good source for your school essay.

Mistakes of Modern Students

  1. Mistake # 1. Students are often concerned about many things before entering university, but after they become freshmen situation changes dramatically. Many students have a mistake belief that the worst part is behind and now they can relax and just go with the flow.
  2. Mistake # 2. Students often think that skipping classes, lectures or practicums will not influence them and they won’t have to get back to all of the mentioned later. Thus, in the end of semester or studying year, they suddenly realize that they have lots of «debts» and have to learn tons of material within the shortest time possible.
  3. Mistake # 3. Students often assume that they can play a trick with a teacher and ask him to understand a «difficult situation» and why they were absent during a whole semester, but in most of the cases, it does not work. Teachers are not stupid and they all were students once too. If you really have any issues or problems talk to your teacher during the semester, but not right before the exam. Even if you cannot attend classes you should show that you are a diligent student.

Ways to Make Students Attend Classes

Full Auditorium

There are three main solutions to the discussed problem:

  1. The first one is a motivation. In this case, a student should have a certain motivation or aim, which would make him struggle for his dream.
  2. The second one is teacher’s credibility. In this case, everything depends on a teacher and his authority. The main sign of a good teacher is an auditorium full of students. And what can make a teacher good? The answer is creativity and love to his work! If the teacher doesn’t enjoy the subject, students will instantly feel that.
  3. Another way to attend classes is developing self-discipline. Some people simply can’t say «no» to their friends or any circumstances that make them waste their time. Thus, later on, you start blaming bad weather, parents, teachers, etc., for bad academic performance when it is actually all your fault. Some of the students simply attend classes because they don’t want to lose scholarship.

Anyway, it is evident that in order to attend classes you should find your own motivation, which can force you to wake up in the morning and face the rest of your studying day.

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