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A Writer

Once Quentin Crisp wrote that there were three reasons for becoming a writer. He mentioned that the first reason was that you needed money. The second reason, from his point of view, is that you have something to say that you think the world should know. The last but not the least reason is that you do not have what to do with the long winter evenings.

Have a Dream

You are sitting at the table in an English-style cafe and typing quickly on your keyboard. You drink delicious coffee or whiskey, depends on what you like more. Sometimes, you can work in your own cabinet. Maybe, it is also English style, which fits the representatives of your profession so much.

Are a Writer

You are a future writer, by cause of you have already begun writing. You are young and talented. You acquire any other specialty, not philological, of course, because the real writer does not need to study. You are one of those extraordinary and curious persons, who claim, that they want to become the masters of the word.

Should Write About What You Know

If you have ideas, you should write them down. If you feel the uselessness of the words, you should cross out them. If you want to feel the authenticity, you should not fill your text with the fake emotions. You have to write but never expect the recognition. You should write in order to write. You have to create your own style because you cannot write in another way. In this case, you will not be able to escape from yourself. If you are brave, you will link your life with the literature, because it comes from your heart and nothing can help you.

Do Not Have to Plan to Be a Writer

You are either writing or not. This brings to mind the situation with falling in love because you do not force yourself to fall, you just fall. So, you cannot force yourself to write, you just write, because you do not have the button, which can switch off the inspiration. You should look for the new experiences, emotions and moments, which spill over the paper in the magic dance of words.

Should Have an Adequate Financial Support

Financial Support

The idea about getting the other specialty seems to be quite reasonable. Even the most talented masters of words cannot always be capable of making a good fortune. As Ellen Gilchrist said, the first thing a writer has to do is to find a new source of income.

Have to Know About What You Write Perfectly

The other profession has its own pros. You can get excellent knowledge in the particular area. You will have a good experience and advanced vocabulary. Then you will be able to promote yourself outside the literary community.

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