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People often speak about replacing non-renewable resources with renewable ones; everyone agrees that it is right, and such things as fossil fuels should be used carefully and frugally. However, not many know the major examples of it. There are several samples of renewable resources in this article. It may be useful for research essay writing or making a speech.

Solar Energy

It is hard to imagine that one day it will be over. Mankind has started to use it for electricity getting, as an analog of petrol for cars, batteries and so on. Scientists invented solar panels which support in getting the energy. Moreover, people use it passively for heating the buildings and so on. This kind of resource doesn’t demand special efforts to get and use it.


This one can be used not only for manufacturing products for people and feeding animals. Humans produce ethanol for heating in buildings and powering cars with the usage of corn. The starch of this plant is a component of bioplastic.

Wind Power

Its usefulness depends on the speed of the wind: the faster it blows the more energy people can get. This is not harmful for the environment, but you are not really able to generate large amounts of energy. Nevertheless in America, for instance, the number of wind turbines is increasing.

Water Power

It is a renewable one in case humanity put it forth carefully. Hydro stations generate energy with the help of a water stream. This kind of energy producing is popular in a number of developed countries. What’s more, it is not dangerous for nature, and there is no real chance for a catastrophe at a hydro station.


It is turned to account in many fields of mankind activity. People use wood to make furniture, houses, paper, various accessories and so on. All these things we see in everyday life. Furthermore, trees clean the air and make breathing easier. In addition, people can renew it by planting forests and parks.



Biomass is the products of different organisms living. This one is focused on photosynthesis process, as plants emit energy during it. It also relates to the dead herbs.

Animal Fat

It also can be renewed thanks to human’s efforts. Animal fat is the component in producing biodiesel and bioplastic.


It is not only the source of manufacturing products for humans and animals. Wheat is used in ethanol making as well. Moreover, it doesn’t demand a lot of efforts to cultivate this plant; it is persistent to the weather conditions.

Geothermal Energy

This energy type is located in the bowels of the Earth, and electricity and heating are produced of it. The main benefit of geothermal energy is that it’s independent of a season, weather or environmental conditions and considered to be almost unquenchable.

To sum up, it is considered to be a significant step in the humanity development and enriching, as usage of renewable resources is more efficient and has more economical benefits. In the course of time, more and more exhaustive should be replaced with one which can be restored.

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