Reasons for Boring Life at Young Age: Embracing Change

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According to sociological research, 95% of people live an ordinary, dull and boring life. Most people do not want to be happy, but only want to decrease their distress through everyday struggle with daily problems. Only a few people think about the causes of prosaic life. In this article, you will find a brief overview why it happens in such way.

Constant Return to the Past

These are old ideas, beliefs, which we still keep in our heads. Often it is something like: "I cannot, I don’t manage to do it, I have never done it before," and so on. Getting an opportunity to do something new and different from what we used to do, we are scared to seize this opportunity because of old mental models of thinking. What to do with it? Choose a new way of thinking for yourself: "My future is not the same as my past." Go towards and fight your fears. It is the only one way you can change something in your life.

Absence of Clear Goals

An average person does not have a purpose, especially long-term. Also, there is no understanding of reasons why people live in this world. In order to walk over usual and dull existence, you need to have the purpose and conform to it. Thus, all your thoughts and actions must help meet the targets. What to do? Where to start? First and foremost, set a goal for the near future. It can be writing an essay or defending a dissertation, both of which you can order on You don’t need to invent or find it somewhere. Create it according to your desires and life values. If it is very difficult for you, for the beginning, it is a great goal even to become better than yesterday.

The Habit to Make Exceptions

The biggest mistake of everybody is to think that if once you allow yourself a little exception, it will not affect your life. If you decide to do something, and then allow yourself to "relax,” this behavior will become a habit. For example, skipping the workout, eating a piece of cake, giving up the intention or purpose, etc. Do not allow yourself an exception and go straight to your goal even if this is difficult!
Lack of Accountability

When we are not accountable to anyone and nobody knows about our actions, we get a risk to go the distance faster. Accountability means being responsible for your actions. Find a partner in order to achieve the goal. Agree on your reporting to him or her as well as on form of reporting. You may assign some penance for yourself for failure of non-compliance with an obligation, and, of course, for promotion for the implementation.

Gloomy Inner Circle

Circle of Communication

We are something average of five people with whom we constantly communicate. In fact, your social circle defines who you are. Therefore, it is important to choose the right social circle of friends, those who will contribute to your development rather than degradation. What should you do? First of all, scrutinize the people you most often communicate with. Find out who helps you develop and who pulls you down. In addition to this, communicate as much as possible with those people who have achieved more than you. Think about how you can be useful to such people.

The Lack of Personal Development

We want to live prosperous and successfully but do not do enough for it. What you invest in yourself, you get from the world. Communicate as much as possible, read and apply your knowledge in practice.

Take charge of your life and start to act today without waiting for the magic push from the outside world.

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