Writing a Dissertation: Tips and Hints

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Everyone who wants to improve their educational grade faces this issue. Of course, it is not an easy task, as dissertation has to be as long as an average book. It demands a lot of efforts and time to create one. However, it provides many opportunities. Firstly, one can get higher degree. That means a chance to have better job and bigger salary. Secondly, it will improve one’s attainments and develop one’s individuality. Here are several useful tips for writing a dissertation.

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Writer’s Talent

Of course, you do not need to have a talent of writer to create a dissertation. However, one has to be a fluent language speaker and able to write down the thoughts in a clear and understandable way. Formulation of statements plays a great role as well. Moreover, the author of dissertation should know several other languages, such as Latin or Greek, for instance. It may be useful while searching information in foreign sources and making the references in the text.

Be Aware

It is not the best idea to start writing if you know very few things about the subject of the research. You have to improve this knowledge and explore new information at first. The Internet, libraries and archives are good helpers in this task. Do not forget to use different information sources and make sure that the facts you learn are fair. It may be a large failure if you add some fake information into your dissertation.

Organize the Schedule

If you cannot deal with time management, your writing will definitely fail, as dissertation takes a lot of time to get completed. One should pick out several hours per day for it. It is a good idea to have a minimal word count. That will make your work go smoothly. Many people give up managing with this task because of the lack of time. Remember it and avoid such mistakes.

Make Breaks

The writing will be successful only in case you do not get too tired and exhausted, because in such condition it is quite difficult to make the research and write down its results. Make short breaks when you are working on the dissertation. Use it for your favorite activity, hobby or just relaxation. It is a good idea to have some healthy snack during the pause.


It has almost the same structure as all research papers; you do not have to care much about it. Choose the plain and readable language and think what kind of audience will read your work. Do not use unusual shortenings or slang, it is a taboo in dissertations. Try to build your arguments and statements confidently and clear. There should be no double-meanings or inaccuracies; also you should avoid colloquial language.

Scientific Community


Determine enough time to check your writing for mistakes and, maybe, change several points in the text. Do not rely on computer programs which fix grammar mistakes. You may ask some of your colleagues who are aware of subject to read your dissertation.

To sum up, the dissertation writing needs a lot of time and skills. However, the benefits it has are really worthy. Do not forget that its presentation also matters and should be coached as well. 

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