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While you are stuck with writing blocks and mulling over ideas, you are not likely to finish your essay any time soon. So perhaps the best shortcut to deal with it, is to think of your assignment in a different way. Instead of randomly squeezing words out of yourself and rewriting them every five seconds, concentrate on your essay as if it were a big project that needs clear steps in order to be completed. You can order a custom essay, but if you have decided to do it on your own, here is how.

Step #1 Blueprint Planning

Your client has expressed their desires towards the final product they wish to see. Now, ideally, you have the suggestion of a house, its style, and what you are going to fill it with. In other words, you have a topic, a vague idea of the content and the thoughts that are going to emerge. So the first step is to consolidate them into a blueprint that will be helpful to you in order to reach your goal.

Step #2 Building Material

Now it is high time to gather your building material. Especially if you have no idea about the style of the house, you need to research it thoroughly, in order to acquire the proper way of laying cement, to find out which will be your supporting walls, how to decorate your house with the proper garden flowers. This means gathering reliable sources, studying the background for your essay, and researching appropriate quotes.

Step #3 Laying Foundation

You are ready with the technical side of the project, so now you can get down to the practical part. Lay out your foundation, according to what the house should look like. It is hardly acceptable to put the porch on the right and forget that there should be a stairway to the second floor. Consider the ins and outs of your house and figure out the exact way you are going to build it. Get down to writing your first draft of the essay.

Step #4 Construction Underway

Perhaps, the most important part is the constructing itself. Even if you have made excellent plans and your house looks smashing on paper, it is not enough if you never get it built. According to your foundation, build the supporting walls, the rooms and finish off with a nice roof that will round up the whole house. Your paragraphs need to be in a logical order and your conclusion strong enough to support your paper.

Construction Sign

Step #5 Final Touch

When you are done with the building part, it is time to make sure your house will not fall down at the first gust of wind, and that there are no leaks that will ruin your walls. Proofread your paper, look for mistakes in grammar and do not forget to check for cohesion and reliability. It would be a good idea to invite a fellow builder to check your house before delivering the final work to your client.

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