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Right now you probably plan to enter the college of your dream, but in order not to face depression, you better stop imagining students’ life as a fairytale, as it’s not easy at all. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be terrified of it, but prepared to most common issues to face during the first year of your studies. The process of successful adaptation is very important, as it forms you not only as a future specialist but also as a human and a citizen. Today, you will learn more about it from this college essay example.


Due to the world statistics, around 20% of all students face the hard process of adaptation, whereas 45% assume that it was fast and easy. Another 25% felt as real students from the first day and faced no adaptation at all. Remaining 10% had some doubts while answering this question. So the good news is that the majority of students don’t really experience adaptation.

Who Are Likely to Face Adaptation

Research shows that students from gymnasiums, lyceums or who studied at specialized classes either don’t face the problem of adaptation at all or go through the process really fast. It is mostly caused by the fact that students from these types of school learn faster and are more concerned about studies than others. They are used to working hard every day, reading lots of information, coping with various tasks etc. On the other hand, those who didn’t use to study well at school, face harder process of adaptation, as students’ life is full of responsibilities. Another important factor is a financial situation in a family. If a family doesn’t face any severe money problems, children are more likely to study better and face no adaptation. Another point to mention is that the process of adaptation is directly connected to social health. The harder the process is, the lower level of social health will be.


Diligent Student
  1. 1. First of all, in order to overcome adaptation, you should learn to be responsible, diligent and patient. If teachers at school are concerned about each student, no one will be concerned about you and your academic performance at the university. Adult life starts from the first day you enter the doors of your university and will last for the rest of your life. No one will chase you in order to help you or wait for you to do your homework.
  2. 2. Learn how to cope with tasks as fast as possible, but don’t forget about the quality. One main feature of students’ life is that you should cope with tons of information and tasks every day, so it is better to stop procrastinating.
  3. 3. Share your problems with your family and don’t be afraid to ask for help, if you don’t get something. If you keep it all inside, sooner or later you will face depression and lose motivation to study at all.
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