Teenagers and Their Parents

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Teens and Parents

Mom and dad are the most important people in our lives, as they take care of us when we are small, teach us how to talk, how to walk, what is positive and unacceptable in our behavior etc. They are the only people who keep helping us all the time, no matter how we treat them or how wrong we can be towards them sometimes. Since childhood, we were used to love and trust our parents, but our relationship often gets worse while we grow up. Why does it happen and who is guilty of that? Today you will learn more about it so that you can write original essay yourself.

Problem # 1 Misapprehension

Lots of children tend to get separated from their parents as they are totally sure that no one can understand them better than peers. Sometimes it is true, but at the same time, we should keep in mind that our parents were kids once too and they remember how they acted at the same age as you are now. The solution to this dilemma is learning how to trust each other. Evidentially, the hardest part is falling on parents’ shoulders here as they should find an individual key to a heart of each kid in a family.

Problem # 2 Different Generations

This type of issue is quite popular nowadays, as it often seems to us that our parents used to live in distant galaxies or in a different century, surrounded by dinosaurs and wild nature, as they barely have an idea about modern life, fashion, TV, music, and tattoos.

First of all, they really lived in a different century with quite a conservative culture comparing to ours and their lifestyles were different as well. But it doesn’t mean that they used to live on another planet and they will never understand your tastes. The greatest solution to this problem is sharing. Try to watch some movies together or switch on your favorite music while cooking with them.

Problem # 3 Indifference

The worst problem is indifference or at least teenagers tend to call it like that. Imagine the situation, when your parents come back from work so tired that the only thing which pops to their mind is eating and sleeping. They barely have any energy to do something around the house or help you with homework. Of course, it is rather a problem of parents than kids and usually, when teens feel the lack of attention they start to feel like no one loves them and cares about them.

The solution to this problem would be talking. Don’t wait for a chance and take everything in your hands. You can cook delicious dinner for your parents and while eating you can ask them how their day was. Be sure that they will react in the same way towards you.

To conclude, remember that our parents are the closest people in the world and they can also be tired and have no mood, or face difficulties at work. You might feel like they don’t care sometimes but that is not true. Learn how to trust, share and interact with each other and your parents will become the closest friends to you for the rest of your life.

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