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Gender topics are quite wide-spread today. The issue is discussed all over the world by authorities, mass media, and average citizens. However, the topicality of the gender inequality is exponentially higher. That is why there is nothing special that this topic often appears at schools and universities while writing tests or essays.

However, it is really interesting to elaborate on this very topic. Therefore, it will be very nice to outline some interesting facts dealing with inequality and arrange them into some kind of a list.

Put the Subtitle into Your Essay and Expand the Point It Stands For

  1. A great number of women die while childbirth and pregnancy.Surely, we are not talking about these very processes as an infringement of their rights (they are considered to be almost the main purpose of women’s life). However, you can admit that in many countries, especially the Eastern ones, women are not free to decide if or when to have a baby, actually they are not free to decide anything. Moreover, it is extremely difficult for them to get the medical treatment or insurance. Although it depends not only on the country’s development level, but also on a social status of women as part of the society.
  2. To continue the line of women’s dependence, you can mention the fact that again, in those Eastern countries many girls get married before they turn eighteen. Isn’t it a terrible violation of their rights? Of course it is. Moreover, it could be treated as an infringement of child’s rights as well. If you want to focus on the legal aspect of this point, but you are not good at Law, you may ask someone to type an essay for you.
  3. In this very paragraph, you can raise the theme related to violence against women. In some countries, it is not forbidden and even acceptable to beat a woman. Gender equality is not even an option there when the rights of a human being are violated in such a rude way. You can also look for the statistics and add some figures in order to support your words. If you have a hard time searching for the relevant facts, refer to GetEssayNow.Com: I am sure they will assist.
  4. The easiest thing is to remind your reader that there are professions and positions that can be held only by men. I must admit that the war for the opportunity to occupy any position for women was rather bloody. Nowadays there are fewer occupations that can be held only by men. Therefore, you can also mention the noticeable changes and results, which can be treated as a little, but significant victory for the women.

Figures to Horrify

It goes without saying that you can add some more statistics to your essay. People are always afraid of certain data and figures. You can also compare the level of life of the Western and Eastern countries. However, talking about the Eastern countries, sometimes it is enough to pay attention to any culture, and you will face gender inequality almost everywhere. Thus, you can finish with finding the solutions on whether anything could be done for the women who suffer from the cultural traditions.

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