Tidy Your College Dorm and Free Your Mind

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Tidy Room

Have you ever felt like your room is a mess, and it is difficult to breathe in there sometimes? It may feel like this, because you have no idea how to tidy it up properly. The benefits of cleaning are plentiful: it can help you finish a college essay faster, get new inspiration and even feel a lot better physically! Learn how to tidy your college dorm room right and how to free your mind in the process.

Throw Away Things You Do Not Need

Go over all of your stuff and throw it away, or put in a pile the things you do not need. Useless items poison the atmosphere of your room, and the clutter drains your energy. This refers not only to the actual garbage, but also to the books you have not read and do not plan on reading, the clothes you do not wear, the gifts that you have received that do not bring you any pleasure. You can decide whether to recycle them or give them away to those who actually need them or will be happy to receive them.

Learn to Decide for Yourself

Deciding whether or not an item, a book, a souvenir, a memento has a clear place on your shelf is actually hard for some people. If you are indecisive about what classes to choose this semester, what you would like to pursue as a career, or even what to have for lunch, you really need to train your decision-making skills. If you look at each of the fifty items you have in your stuffy college bedroom and decide what to keep and what to throw away for at least fifty times, once per item, you will feel like it comes easier and easier each time.

See What Matters

Minimalistic Bedroom

Now that you got rid of the unnecessary things, the key is to find a designated place for all of your belongings. Decide where and how to store your clothes, where the books will be, what items you should keep on your desk. Pick the essentials, and you will see that your bedroom looks much cleaner and tidier than ever before. If you now see that your collection of books includes mostly books about horse-riding, as those are essential to you, you may realize, that horse-riding is truly your passion, and this is what you should pursue in life.

Be More Focused

Having a tidy, organized space makes you less prone to distraction, and more focused on the task at hand. You will see that when there are no items calling to you from all the corners of your room, your essays will write themselves quickly, the passages that you have to learn by heart will be more memorable, the study project ideas will come to you in a flow. Here are some other ways to be more focused in life that you can also use. We wish you all the best!

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