Healthy Habits for Each Student

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Nowadays, we live in a world, where everyone talks about bad habits: drinking, smoking, drug addiction etc. Almost all the magazines, TV and other mass media describe bad consequences of an unhealthy way of life. Surprisingly, less number of media actually tells the world about good habits and ways to inculcate them. This online essay will give you more information on now to stay healthy and productive during studying years, as we all know that student life is quite tough and stressful.

Advice # 1 Go in for Sports

It is needless to explain how important sport is in our everyday life, but unfortunately, not so many students listen to such an advice. It is evident that in order to be healthy in the future, you should make some efforts right now and just keep yourself fit all the time. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out of a gym. Popular saying «what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger» doesn’t really work here, as too much of sports can be harmful as well. You should create your own schedule of exercises for a week. For example, you can attend swimming pool twice a week, or do stretching for 2 hours three times per week. There are no boundaries or limits here. Choose the type of sport you enjoy. Simple cycling on a fresh air or figure skating with friends works as well.

Advice # 2 Do Your Homework

Have you ever felt like having no energy to do your homework? You’re probably nodding your head right now. It happens either when we find our homework boring or we are physically and emotionally exhausted and need some rest for a while. In the first case, you should think about the profit of doing your homework, as it will teach you something new or will simply consolidate your knowledge in a certain subject. You can also try to think about what you can do after you finish your homework; for example, go out to eat ice-cream or go to a shop to buy some knick-knacks. It will help you to finish your homework as soon as possible. In case you are simply exhausted, try to go to a swimming pool for 30-45 minutes. You may assume that sport will only make you more tired, but this is just a misconception, as it will give you more energy than you had before.

Advice # 3 Go to Sleep Before Midnight

Have you ever felt like you didn’t want to get up in the morning to go to classes? You are probably nodding your head again. First of all, you should understand a simple truth about sleeping: the most important hours of sleep are from 10pm to 1 am, as at this period your body and mind relax best. But it doesn’t mean you should go to sleep at 12, as in this case, you will rest only for 30%. In order to be productive for a whole day, make sure you stick to this advice all the time. Sometimes, you can make exceptions, but only for 1 or 2 times per month.

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