Moral Lessons from the Adventure Book “Treasure Island”

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Should anyone be asked about the most famous pirate story, Treasure Island is the one that immediately comes to mind. This book inspired numerous adaptations, as well as literary followers, because stories about mysterious and thrilling pirates became extremely popular. This book is included to the school program, so you will most likely need to write a school essay on the related topic. However, the beauty and undying acclaim of Treasure Island lies not only in its exciting plot, but also in its moral values and that romantic feeling of adventure, which appeals to everybody. This Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel is about a young boy’s journey, both physical and psychological, and how he grows to understand life in all its difficulties. So, what moral lessons can we learn from the “Treasure Island” book?

Be Careful Who You Trust

Long John Silver is undoubtedly the most complex and interesting character in the story. Despite him being a cruel, merciless and mendacious person, somehow he does not seem a villain. Still, the main unveiling in the book, when the nice and friendly ship’s cook turns out to be one of the most dangerous pirates, is still thrilling. Young Jim Hawkins learns not to judge a book by its cover and that appearances are not always true. For example, Smollett at first looks like a rude and unsympathetic person, but later Jim finds out that he is one of a few people he can trust.

Do Not Forget Who You Are

The main protagonist, Jim Hawkins, faces serious, even vital life challenges at a very young age. Yet, he manages to bear everything life threw at him and became a better person than he used to be. Being tempted by John Silver with treasure, luxury and fame, Jim rejects all of it, instead coming back and saving his friends. The young boy shows as much courage and strong spirit (and maybe even more) as grown-up and experienced men, because he never forgets who he is and what is really important in life. Not gold, jewelry or pirate’s fame, but honor, true friendship and being true to yourself. Some more information on these characters can also be found here.

Greed Can Show What Kind of Person You Are

Greedy Person

Treasure Island and the Flint’s treasure itself is the symbol of greed and low desire that can turn men into animals. It is especially vividly seen at the end of the story: the closer the pirates come to their desirous treasure, the crueler and more barbarian they get. At the end of the novel, John Silver and the pirates reach the climax of this greed that had so many men killed. However, it is Jim and the captain’s crew who ultimately win the treasure, because they overcame their desire and stayed human. Another character, Ben Gunn, is the example of the uselessness of gold. Living alone on the island, he became oblivious to its power, being an example that treasure has its value only in society.

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote not only a classical adventure novel; his work is full of moral lessons and values that are important for people of all ages. 

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