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Dear reader, have you ever thought that life is slightly unfair? We come to the university and get a lot of advice from professors and teachers on how to be a successful student, get only excellent grades and become a good specialist. But for some reason, they do not ask us what the teachers should be from the point of view of the students. The article on your screen is the answer to this question, more information you can get at

The ideal professor listens to the student's opinion. It is important not only to work out the hours for him or her, but also to understand, what exactly the client wants to know, in fact, the client is the person who pays money for the opportunity to attend the lecture or seminar (even if the state pays for it). Such professors are ready to change the material not because of the change in the state standard, but at the request of the students.

The ideal professor does not suffer from professional marasmus. This disease is equally likely to affect both the young assistant and the honored academician – and it expresses itself in the position "I know everything about the subject, and anyone had better not try to argue". A true master of teaching is ready to study with students and change his or her scientific positions. He or she admits that the student has the own opinion and is tolerant of even erroneous statements.

The ideal professor puts a soul into the matter. If you watch the video of lectures of such professors without sound, it may seem that they ask doctors to save the life of their child or pleads the jury not to blame them for murder – there is a passion in the words of the ideal teachers, a great desire to teach the student everything that they know themselves. The hero of this article will never communicate with students as if in ten minutes he or she falls asleep right behind the desk.

The ideal professor lives in the digital age. A person is not ready to serve the education, if he or she does not want to check e-mail sent coursework, is not able to prepare slides in PowerPoint for a lecture, and calls for using a calculator for calculations instead of Excel. This employee of the university has the same right to be there as the computer of 1978.

The ideal professor develops in students the ability to think. All that they say in class during the lecture will become obsolete in a few years. Only the skills to think and independently find solutions got by the students will never lose relevance. A teacher who does not teach to think, does not teach anything.

The ideal professor knows his or her subject well. It sounds trite, but... Have you ever seen a doctor of psychological sciences, who is not able to calm the room and leaves with an offended look in the middle of the lecture? Or the professor of the department of rhetoric who reads the material in such a voice that you cannot make out anything in the middle of the hall? The student must see proof that the professor is an expert, rather than a person who occupies a teaching position because he or she is no longer capable of anything.

You can be immensely happy if you work with teachers who mostly answer many of the described features in your student life. We wish you to learn only from the true professionals.

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