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Students think this way: "it is the end of the summer, and I will immediately set my sights on studying or will use At once". If everything happened so instantly, then all people would be billionaires at the click of their fingers. Nothing happens so simply. It is necessary to switch gradually from the summer vacation regime to the studying one.

But how to do this?

  • 1. Internal Mood

    First of all, the inner spirit is extremely important. You have to realize, not in words, but within yourself that the rest is coming to an end, and the working days of study are ahead. If you are sunbathing on the beach and doing nothing all summer, then try to do something less relaxing starting on the first of August.

    For example, the month of August is well suited to finally do the cleaning in your own room. It will be very good if you start your new school year with the cleaned room. First, cleaning will allow you to get used to some kinds of work. And secondly, it is always pleasant starting any business (in our case – a new academic year) with a comfortable environment.

    Also, concerning the internal mood, you need to gradually get used to the regime of ups. By the way, the fact that many students cannot immediately tune into the curriculum is explained by the fact that they come to study half asleep starting from the first of September.

    So, do not repeat other people's mistakes. No one forces you to go to sleep very early. Not at all. You have a month left to go smoothly into the studying mode. The most important thing here is your desire. After all, it is not difficult to go to bed half an hour earlier every day to get up half an hour earlier. Thus, you gradually get used to waking up earlier, and the early rise will not be a real stress for you. Do not shock your organism, it will be useful for you during the difficult academic year.

  • 2. Going to the Store

    August is the perfect month to spend most of your savings on new things. In addition to clothes and shoes, it is also worth buying something from the world of hi-tech. For example, do not forget to buy a set of print cartridges for the printer. They will be very necessary very soon. If you go to university this year as a freshman, then we also advise you to buy yourself a notebook or netbook.

    In addition to its direct function (buying new things) going to the store also helps you realize (again internally) that all these purchases are made for a certain reason. All these new things seem to tell you that it is time to think about studying.

    To make your mindset for study even stronger, do not forget to buy everything you need for studying activities in addition to the aforementioned printer cartridges. It is best to make such purchases in large shopping centers. They have two big advantages: you can find almost everything you need and there are reasonable prices in such places. After all, if you worked in the summer, then you will feel sorry to give honestly earned money in large quantities.

  • 3. Intelligent Attitude

    Let your brain gradually get used to mental stress. Beginning in August, start reading a few pages a day of any literature that you just like. It would also be a good idea for this literature to be "in touch" with your specialty in some way.

    Do not you like to read books? Do you like to learn English? Then you can watch special films that will allow you to improve your level of knowledge of a foreign language. And still, you will gradually adjust to studying at a subconscious level.

    Fulfillment of all these recommendations will allow you to tune in for studies.

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