Inadequate Professor. What to Do?

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The university is not a school. Professors change every semester here. Imagine: you came after the holidays rested and cheered, and here is such a happiness. How can you survive this semester or a year with such a teacher? One of the ways is getting your papers done at

The first thing we want to tell you – do not panic ahead of time! It is possible that the new teacher has some problems and that is why a new professor is as if in nirvana in the classes. We can say with precision about the teacher's inadequacy only after a few weeks.

Well, what can you do if you got such a full-strength and inadequate teacher? There is no point crying over spilt milk. Always understand that each person is unique and that all is in a state of flux. Just ignore actions of the professor so that you will not be shocked by his/her outrageous behavior.

  • Pretend that you do not care what these professors do there. Perhaps, they just want to impress you, get on the right side of the audience, so to speak. Do not let yourself be deceived. Behave naturally;

  • Sit away from the front rows. If your new teachers do not calm down and you cannot stand to look at their mad actions, do not hurt your psyche, sit away from them at lectures. They are unlikely to get you from there. Even if they do, it will not be as often as with your groupmates sitting at the first desks;

  • Focus on learning, not on the behavior of professors. Try not to pay attention to the oddities of their behavior. You came to the university to get knowledge. Therefore, concentrate only on useful information, knowledge, which this professor gives to you.

    If you got such a "nice fellow " that does not give you any knowledge, then feel free to write a complaint to the dean by the whole group. Your teachers will immediately pull themselves together, cause is very difficult to get a good job and therefore they will continue lectures in normal mode in order not to be fired.

    Be afraid of the consequences. However, this is a temporary matter, so it is worthwhile to wait for a little and everything will resume its normal course. The next time the teachers will know that their work position depends on the students, so they will not "give a bad product to the client" once again;

  • Talk to the teacher directly. Before running to the dean and complaining about the negligent teacher, it is better to get together with the whole group and tell your professor straightaway that this style of teaching does not suit students.

    Maybe, a new teacher cannot yet adjust to the new students, i.e. to you and feels a certain nervousness in front of the new collective. A frank conversation will allow you to remove a large share of this uncertainty, and this means that you will also receive a better teaching of the subject in the future, and the teacher will feel more confident.

All people are different and you will notice it even more strongly in adulthood. Previously, if there was a problem, people went on the attack immediately, without hesitation. We live in the ????I century, a century where there should not be wars, not even micro-conflicts, but there should be reasonable negotiations on the acutest problems. Remember that a bad peace is better than a good quarrel. So, do not conflict with the professor in vain. Act strongly and everything will be fine.

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