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Congratulations, you are a student! Maybe a freshman, but maybe you start your academic year in university not the first time. Favorite professors are ready to teach everything that is useful and that is not useful in professional activity, but who will teach how to be a student? Perhaps, this article will help you a little; for more help check

And here are the promised principles.

  • 1. Do Not Go to the Library

    Reading books does not guarantee that you will become a professional in your field. A student who came to the seminar with a bunch of books, causes the laughter of groupmates and the teacher's surprise – the latter is not interested at all in listening to the literally learned words from the obsolete textbook for the eighth time. The best performances and remarks at the seminars occur when there was not enough time for preliminary preparation. Improvise, learn to work in a state of stress, it is very useful for the future career.

  • 2. Do Not Do What You Do Not Have to Do

    All students must learn – it is quite logical, is not it? But nobody forces you to be an active member of the student council, to publish a student newspaper, to create a faculty radio, to strive for the title of the best singer of the university. Instead of reading the next textbook on psychology, open the center for psychological help to students, instead of turning over the book about quality management, offer the management of the university an improvement plan. Active students not only gain knowledge, but also develop vital skills. It is the veryimportant principle.

  • 3. Do Sport

    A rare employer will indicate in the hiring announcement that he or she will not cooperate with non-athletic people who are unable to maintain an acceptable physical form. But it is so. A recognized fact – by hiring an employee for any position that involves contact with clients, a specialist in the field of personnel management will appreciate your appearance. The state of the body is no less important component of the personality than the state of mind and spirit. If "sport" remains an unfamiliar word for a university graduate, then this indicates one of two things – laziness or illness. Would you hire such a person? Would you choose him or her as your soul mate?

  • 4. Separate Your Expectations from the Expectations of Your Parents

    Mom and Dad can have their own idea about your future. This is their right. Your right is not to divide the view. Choosing a specialty, friends, behavior in the university, the company-employer – all this is to do for you, not your parents. Be ready for independence.

  • 5. Try Your Strengths in Where You Are Weak

    Expand your experience. You never played basketball – sign up for the section. The singer's experience is limited to the choir in the primary classes – go to the vocal studio. Strive for a diversified development.

  • 6. To Compliment

    This not only helps in communicating with classmates of the opposite sex – the teachers, the management, the dining room staff and even the security guys are not indifferent to compliments. This skill will help you in your career not less than university knowledge.

  • 7. Do Not Strive for Perfection

    The desire to be perfect in everything is a wonderful way to the nervous breakdown. This could work at school, but will lead to constant stress at work. Student years are just the time when it is time to get rid of this character trait. This is one of the main tasks of a student, who wants to be successful.

  • 8. Lower the Importance of the Opinion of Others

    Do what you think is right for yourself – do not follow the wishes of classmates, your soul mate, teachers and curators. They do not know what you want – by the way, it would be good to decide on that already. Good luck on your student journey.

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