Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Take an Internship

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As a student, you probably have asked yourself at least once whether the education you are getting is going to help you in the real professional world. Internships are a great way to check it, as this is the closest you can get to a real job while still doing well in college.

In this article I will attempt to convince you of the necessity to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself in the adult world before the actual graduation.

Reason # 1: Re-evaluating Your Career Choice

Studying something is one thing, but actually doing it is an absolutely different story. You may feel on paper that what you plan to do with your life is going to be fun and worthwhile. However, trying an internship might just shake your confidence and force you to reconsider your priorities. Thus, you must definitely try to do at least one to check whether your career choice was correct before it is too late.

Reason # 2: Making More Money

It is true that many internships, especially those in social sciences, are unpaid. However, if you have to be one of the STEM students, you might just be in the luck. Technical companies are usually much more likely to pay their interns decent wages – much higher than what you might make in your local McDonalds. So, do not just assume that all internships are unpaid. Do a little research, and, maybe, you will find a better way to make money on summer vacation.

Reason # 3: Having a Worthwhile Experience

Even if you cannot afford to have a full-time unpaid internship, you can always look for options which would allow you to combine working for money and working for experience. Having a tight budget is not a reason to give up on yourself and your dreams. If you keep looking, you are bound to find something that works just for you and, as a result, have a more worthwhile experience on your vacation. Do not lead a boring life. Allow yourself to have a good summer.

Reason # 4: Networking

It still holds true that if you want to land a job in a prestigious company, you’d better have some inside connections there. Any company is taking a risk when hiring a young college graduate with little to no experience. However, if you’ve participated in an internship there, or if you could provide recommendations from respectable people in the field, you might just have a chance.

Reason # 5: Boosting Your Resume

It is very hard to impress a potential employee solely with academic achievements. Nobody cares what grade you got for your calculus class. HR managers barely pay attention to your GPA, but they will notice the lack of relevant experience. Therefore, if you want to stand out in the pool of young aspiring candidates, you really need at least a couple internships to show that you went an extra mile in college. This will make you more competitive on the job market. 

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