First Aid to a Person in Depression

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This situation can happen to any person – someone from your family or groupmate. It happens that the next essay brings a person almost to a nervous breakdown. To keep calm and write your essays, check Let us discuss what to do in this situation.

A person in depression will most likely pretend not to listen to you, or show that your efforts are absolutely useless. Do not pay attention to it – any actions will not pass in vain.

Determine the Degree of Disease

We begin with the observation of the patient. Identify all the symptoms and write them down to comprehend the condition.

What exactly can we attribute to the signs of depression? First of all, these are unreasonable attacks of disappointment, which appear often enough and can last for a long time. They are followed by a complete loss of interest in everything around.

Physical signs include weight loss, the cause of which is the loss of appetite. Similarly, weight gain is a sign of a negative mental state, as some stresses are accompanied by constant hunger.

Violation of the rhythms of sleep, both in the direction of insomnia and the side of increased sleepiness. Therefore, the decrease in energy, slow motion take place, but there may be increased excitability along with them.

Depression is a state of extremes. What is more, these extremes can reach suicidal thoughts, the presence of which you should immediately catch.

All of the above symptoms can last from two weeks or more. At what they can be accompanied by "relapsing attacks", that is, disappear and reappear.

Talk to the Sick

Once you are convinced that your friend is depressed, the first thing you can do to help is to talk. Start a frank conversation about his or her condition. Depending on how the conversation goes, you can comrehend how difficult it is to undergo rehabilitation – when the patient does not recognize his or her condition as deplorable, it only complicates the situation.

Then, you face the primary task – to prove to the patient that he or she is depressed. Explain to him or her that this is the most common disease that doctors treat, and not a mental disability, according to the public.

In a conversation, show how important the condition of the patient is for you. Do not say that it was just an unfortunate day, a month. Such words will show a frivolous attitude to the problem and you will lose the faith of the sufferer.

Also, another important advice is that the patient may try to change the subject, but you must be persistent and continue the conversation until you feel you need to.

However, stability does not mean aggression. Your friend is very receptive to what is happening around, do not forget about it.

Correctly formulate sentences. The phrase "You are depressed" can be replaced by "I see that you have been in a bad mood lately. How do you think, why is it so?".

Be patient. Perhaps the conversation will be prolonged for a much longer time than you expected. Do not give up on the way. Make sure that people recognize their problem, and then further therapy will become much easier.

But do not stop talking at the moment of recognition. Continue it directing the patient to the thought of professional help, because no matter how hard you try, you cannot cure it. It will be easier to find out the cause of the disorder of such person, which will also play into your hands.

Remember that you can provide only initial help to a person in such a state, giving him or her support, listening at one time and forcing to talk at another. Only a qualified doctor can help properly. And remember that it is exactly the disease that can easily end up lethal if you do not pay attention to the patient at the time.

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