Personal Hero Essay: Tips and Hints

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Almost every student meets with the task to create a personal hero essay. At first, it seems easy. Even a kid can deal with it, is not it? However, there may be several details and features in such kind of writing. One should be attentive and follow the prompts to do a great essay and get a good grade for it. In any case, even if you have problems with writing, you can always go to and get a wonderful essay there. But back to our topic. Here are some tips and hints which will definitely help you to create an article about your personal hero in an effortless and fast way.

Choose the Person

Of course, the first thing you should do is to choose the person you admire the most. You may choose from the variety of stars, artists, scientist and writers. However, some teenagers prefer to write about their parents or other relatives. Think if there are some qualities which you like in that person’s character. Ask yourself why you like them. The answer will be the next step in your essay.

The Reasons

You can’t create an essay about somebody just because you like him or her. There should be weighty reasons. Those may be brave actions, such as protecting the weak or helping others. You may admire the person because of his or her lifestyle, ideology or creed. The qualities of character also matter. Choose the positive features you think this person has. Is he or she hard-working, patient or kind? You may also go creative and describe such features as rebelliousness, powerfulness or inflexibility. It will definitely look more original and surprise your teacher. Don’t forget to prove your words with life examples.


The personal hero essay has an average structure. It consists of the introduction, main body and conclusion. In the first part, you need to catch reader’s attention. Make strong statements and show what hero you decided to write about. In the main part of the text, present the reasons why you admire this person. Write which impact he or she has on your life, how they have changed your personality and so on. In the conclusion, muse over a little bit: whether this hero is good or bad, whether people should follow him or her, and whether it is right to create role models.

Police Helping People


The language should be readable and clear. Remember that this is a college essay but not a research paper or dissertation. It shouldn’t be too official, average shortenings are possible. However, it is better to avoid slang. Build your statements logically. Be careful with tenses and difficult grammatical constructions.

To sum up, creating such kind of essay is quite easy if you follow these recommendations. The most important thing is to choose the hero you really like. After you do it, you will see that your essay is a quick and effortless task, as there is no need to make any research or experiments on your own. The attention and persistence are the essential things you need.

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