Top Five College Student Dishes

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Ramen Cup

Everyone survives the first year of college with an undeniable feeling of missing your homemade food. Cooking just for yourself seems like a burden, and, besides, there is no time and money to buy the proper groceries. A lot of students gain weight during their freshman year and the choice of fast foods is not the last thing to blame in this case. Let us take a look at some of the more popular choices of college students in terms of food. By the way, you have the opportunity to get rid of one of the aspects of nervousness associated with the lack of good food, because the wrong food while writing an essay or a course work has long been a legend. Entrust this task to professionals from and concentrate on your nutrition.

Cup Noodles

The essential food of broke students is ramen in a cup or cup noodles. Pouring boiling water on some dry noodles with spices seems easy enough, and it fills you up quickly. Indeed, it is fast, cheap and gets the problem of hunger out of the way. A lot of different kinds of cup noodles make the choice easier and give you a lot of options. Even though they seem like a good choice, do not make a habit out of cup noodles. The secret is that boiling your own noodles and adding safe spices can be even cheaper and a lot healthier.


Nuts make you full fast and are very important in sustaining your body and keeping you healthy. Protein provides the brain with fuel you need for the averagely stressful college life. All nuts have healthy qualities, but research states that walnuts are the healthiest of nuts.


Sweets and sugar boost your thinking skills. They are bad for your health, but when you need to think a lot it is an option you cannot abort. Try out a piece of chocolate before a difficult exam and you are sure to feel the grand result when you receive a good grade for it. Also, sweets are known to bring a good mood and thus desire to work quicker and more productively.



Rice is a popular dish in Asian colleges, especially with handy rice cookers that keep the rice in the same steamy temperature. Asian college students eat it for breakfast, dinner and supper, or even as a snack. By adding a little bit of spice or a piece of meat or vegetables you already have a full meal.

Take Out

Even though the media paints take out and fast food in general like the worst food you could eat, it is important to realize that not all take out falls into that category, and in little doses take out can actually help you out during nights when you are swept up by homework. This means that you have the option to order not only greasy and fatty foods, but also healthy salads and soups from take out menus, and you should consider it your priority. Make sure to balance it with homemade food, and you will not suffer from take out overload.

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