Plagiarism in Your Essay: Tips on Avoiding the Issue

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Plagiarism is a common issue today. Even the famous authors become its victims, as it is really hard to protect your intellectual work from plagiarism. However, in most countries there is a legal punishment for such acts. Besides, today many computer programs can check your text for its uniqueness. Nevertheless, when students are caught with copied texts in schools or colleges, they will definitely get bad grades. This will never happen if you order an essay on this website

If you are one of those who write a lot of essays and reports and if you do not what to be punished for plagiarizing, check these notes to make your works 100% unique.

The Phenomenon as It Is

At first it is important to understand what plagiarism is in general. Find some definitions on the Internet. For example, writing some well-known facts is not considered to be copied even if this material was mentioned in other essays. You should remember that this act means not only copying text word for word, but also rewriting it by replacing some words with their synonyms. So, when paraphrasing the text, you should include your own opinion on it to make it unique.

Understand the Idea You Are Covering

You should definitely understand the topic of your writing. Otherwise, it is impossible to create a unique text. The only thing you will be able to do is just copying materials from the Internet. But if you study a certain issue thoroughly, you will have more chances to use your own words to rewrite the information found. Moreover, you can use many sources and combine the major ideas of each. Therefore, you can make it harder to discover that the materials were plagiarized.


Yes, it does mean that you can easily rewrite texts from different websites. The secret lies in the use of synonyms and the striving to add your own thoughts into your paper. Nevertheless, you should remember that it is easy to reveal copy-pasting if the minimum of words is changed with synonyms, and if the constructions are left the same.

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Quotation Marks

Use them if you do not want to be caught with plagiarism, as quotes are common things in any kind of texts. Remember that they should not be very long, it is not allowed in most institutions. Also, you must put the source of quotation at the end of your writing. It is better to do it as soon as you insert a quote in order not to forget about it at all. It is important to mention that quotes should highlight your major thoughts; there is no need to provide quotes for side details.


Do not forget to mention the sources you use, especially if there are some quotations. You can apply such phrase as “according to the opinion of…”, as it will help you sound more confident.

Anyway, it is always better to create writings on your own. Just imagine the situation when a scientist is caught with copying someone’s ideas. This poor person will definitely lose respect among his or her colleagues, and among the whole scientific community as well. So, the moral is simple – do not plagiarize.

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