The Power of Language

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Language and Brain

Language is an extremely intricate and versatile phenomenon. One can talk about it in terms of idioms, abbreviations, slang. In this essay sample I will discuss the importance of treating the words we use very carefully as the language influences the world tremendously.

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Language Expresses Emotions

When you feel happy, you tend to use colorful, emotive and positive language. When, on the contrary, you feel under the weather, your language will reflect this state of mind. Sometimes you may even resort to emphatic swearing as a way to underline your emotions.

Most people are taught from the early childhood to behave in public. Therefore, using inappropriate language when there are people around you is such a strong indication that something in your life went awry, and you need help. Violating the rules of social conduct is not typical of humans at all. That is why using the out of place language is such a big deal.

Language Triggers Catharsis

In extremely emotional events language can lead to lalochezia – a psychological phenomenon, when a person feels relief after expressing themselves through swear words. This can help maintain a cool head as a person burns off their emotions through language rather than actions.

When you are watching an emotional movie or a play, you may also experience catharsis, which will make you feel cleansed and inspired. Therefore, it is so important for everybody to go to quality films and plays and read well-written books. This is how you fill your life with positive emotion and meaning.

Language Reflects the World

On a global scale, you can understand the zeitgeist by observing and studying people’s language. Rhetoric is powerful – it can build empires and afflict suffering. Therefore, if you can analyze the language, you can better understand the present and even predict the future.

For instance, nowadays political correctness rendered many appropriate words in the past vulgar and unacceptable. In 20 years, words which are widely utilized today may also become profanity. Language changes together with the humankind, thus, it does not only reflect people’s innermost feelings and desires – it is also a mirror of human stereotypes and biases.

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Language is a powerful tool of expressing your emotions as well as a guideline for understanding the society. If you want to come off as tactful and polite, you will need to learn how to utilize the language properly. If you want to comprehend the power of the language on a global scale, you will need to look through its intricacies and see behind what’s being communicated. You will need to perceive the thought behind the words – the zeitgeist behind the fancy rhetoric.

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