Security Cameras: Invasion of Privacy

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Security cameras are located almost everywhere for today: malls, supermarkets, banks and workplaces. Even at schools and universities, some of these devices are installed. The issue of human’s privacy becomes complicated as practically all one’s actions may be observed by cameras. Many opposers of this technology arise and claim that it violates several man’s rights and freedoms. However, there are followers of such security practice as there is also a great use of these cameras. In this article, for and against points are demonstrated. It may be useful for making a research or report for college.

Preventing Crimes

It is true that security cameras in most cases do their job effectively. With its support, police can quickly identify and arrest law breakers. All events of thieving or beating somebody in a public place can be observed, and terrible backwashes may be prevented as a guard will come on time. Moreover, it makes the searching of fugitive criminals easier. In certain cases, security cameras help to prevent acts of terrorism in crowded places.

Shops’ Robbery

This is considered to be a common thing in many stores and big supermarkets while one tries to invisibly take some products or items and run away without payment. However, these crimes are, as a rule, visible thanks to security cameras and someone’s guilt can be easily proved. That makes the job of shop guard more effective and effortless.

Police on Road

On the Road

Special cameras which installed on the roads and tracks support the police in arresting drivers who break the rules of Highway Safety. That means less drunk people who hold the wheel and fewer car crashes. The amount of innocent victims of such accidents will decrease, and general level of security in the streets will be high.

On the other side, there are some points that prove harmfulness of security cameras for one’s privacy.

Dossier for Everyone

The main disadvantage of security cameras is that every person can be observed, and the government may use it against him or her. That may exist in the case of genocide, for instance, when all materials about one’s activity may be distorted and serve as a reason for the arrest or lethal punishment. Of course, it can sound fantastic and unreal in highly developed and democratic countries, but there are many places in the world with communist or totalitarian regime, where such events are likely to happen.

Less Freedom

Many people feel uncomfortable while being observed in most public places. That makes their behavior less confident and can even provoke stress or paranoia. One can’t relax in mall or shop as someone’s eyes are constantly watching. It is true that security cameras in most cases break human’s right to privacy and freedom.

All in all, despite it is a fact that security cameras have a bad impact on human’s privacy, it is a necessity in the modern world. These devices provoke the decreasing of crime level and make police work more effective. Without it, the world will stay unprotected and dangerous because of terrorism, robbers, murderers and so on.

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