Having a Fulfilling Life as a Student: Tips

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It is true that as a student you will need to make some sacrifices. For instance, most likely you will not be able to handle a full-time job and will have to be content with working part-time. That means lower income and fewer opportunities, but it should not mean a terrible life.

There is still a way to make your student life enjoyable and fulfilling. Here you will find some tips on how to accomplish it.

Do Not Be Afraid to Say No

Everybody has those time-sucking things and people in their lives. If you feel like some of your routines are making you lag behind, it’s high time to change them. Do not be afraid to step up your game and bring some drastic changes into your life. In the long-term it will make it all better.

For instance, if you feel like you spend too much time talking to your friend on the phone when you have a huge workload to deal with, you should not be afraid to excuse yourself from this harmful habit. It does not mean you have to cut all of your friendships altogether; you just need to put your needs first.

Do Not Strive for Perfection

Let’s say you are engineering major, and you have an essay to write for a humanities class that you could not avoid. At the same time you also have a quiz due midnight and a test tomorrow. Where do you think you should concentrate most of your efforts?

So, for anybody who is not a perfectionist the answer is obvious. However, if you happen to be one, it is going to be much harder for you to quickly finish your essay to focus on more important assignments. Nonetheless, you need to learn to do it; otherwise, you may end up dropping out.

However, even if you establish your priorities, it may be hard for you to submit your paper and move to another task because you will constantly feel like you can add or amend something. In this case setting a time limit may be a helpful life hack. This way you simply won’t have a choice, but to submit.

Do Not Be Reactive

Control your actions. Many people are easily distracted by the world around them. Let’s say you got a message from your friend in the middle of exam preparation. A smart person would keep on working and reply later. Reactive people, on the other hand, would stop and rush to answer.

You cannot be like that. First and foremost, switch off the notifications. Second of all, even if you got one, do not stop working until you are done. If this is urgent, most people will call. Remember, if that person truly cares about you, they will want the best for you and will be understanding.


Of course, those are just some tips which will make your student life a bit less stressful and more efficient. You will still have to deal with having less money and more work than an adult, but in the end it should all be worth it.

Remember – you do not owe anything to anybody except yourself. You must always put your needs first, unless something truly bad happened to your friend or family. Know what matters the most and do not try to make every part of your life perfect. This will help you make it more fulfilling and enjoyable. 

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