Student Time. Your Time. Part 1

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Many graduates know exactly what the student time is. But there are also such specimens who, having studied for years at the university, did not understand the exact definition of these words. We must say, they lost a lot, because some important segment of life has bypassed their side and is unlikely to happen again at least once.

Student time is not just words, it is a collective concept that covers the age of 18-23 years old and recalls positive emotions, tremulous memories, colorful events and, of course, sincere laughter.

A person who did not enter the university lost much and he/she certainly does not understand what it is like to share a bowl of soup with a neighbor or to walk under the windows of your own room in anticipation of a conditioned signal.

In order not to miss such an important moment in life, let us talk about the student time and the prospects that it opens for modern students. If you take advantage of all the charms and opportunities of student life (it is possible with, then you can safely say that the youth passed famously and with a spark.

Student Time Is a Big Responsibility

Most current enrollees dream of becoming students, while promising themselves to be a true role model in the case of successful passing entrance examinations. This is extremely important for the reputation of the university and the development of the individual, and promises (even to oneself) must always be fulfilled.

Unfortunately, everything happens differently in life, and yesterday's graduates and excellent students today become a gray mass of the student community, and professors cannot remember their surnames even in the fifth year. Professors do not recognize students at all at any informal meeting, which frustrates a lot.

This is sad because when you can succeed, demonstrating your oratorical talent, deep knowledge of the profession and sociability in life, if not in the student time.

If you do not learn this at the university, then you are unlikely to succeed later, and it will be difficult to adapt to adulthood.

That is why it is necessary to enjoy life to the full when you are 18 to 22 years old so that there would not be a pity for meaninglessly spent student years later.

Student Time Is Active Rest

Active Rest

In winter, you can go skiing in the mountains, in the spring in the tent camp you can enjoy wildlife and gather mushrooms and berries, in the summer – to relax on the sea and play sports, and in the autumn – to arrange a long trip with songs near the fire and rest in sleeping bags.

At least it is romantic, memorable and not ordinary because it is difficult to tear off modern students from gadgets and to detach them from the point of receiving a Wi-Fi signal.

Not all people understand this romance, but every student of the university aspires to touch the wild nature, at least for personal experience.

Some people after the first campaign come to the conclusion that this is not their element. And for someone, such an active holiday replaces the discotheque city life and beckons more and more often.

As one says, there are no former tourists: if you like it once, then wild horses could not drag you away from this.

By the way, there are many options to travel for free or at least to minimize costs. This is especially true for students who do not always have enough money. Many interesting tips you can read here.

What else? The rest will be considered in the second part of this article.

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