Why Talent Is Never Enough?

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The myth about talent is as old as the world. People construct their lives around its idea, discarding activities which do not come naturally to them and trying hard to find a niche where they would shine. However, it is a very elusive and beguiling expectation.

Everybody wants to feel accomplished and happy. However, it is not a talent which should be used as a yardstick to determine somebody’s likelihood to succeed. Many researchers have recently started talking about grit, or a combination of passion and perseverance which beats natural aptitude in all ways imaginable.

Very often those who are gifted find themselves sidelined by those who are simply more persistent. It does not happen because the world is inherently unfair and cruel (although it can be), but simply because those with grit catch up with those who had a head start thanks to their inborn talent.

Talent Slows You Down

It is a known psychological phenomenon that when something comes easy, people tend to put fewer efforts and even postpone it which, of course, degrades the quality of their work. When vice versa it is harder, people would often go an extra mile to get the job done.

So, if learning a foreign language is a piece of cake, you might never start taking it seriously. Those who struggle with it, on the contrary, would be extra hard-working, which in the long run will make them more proficient.

Talent Breeds Arrogance

It is a frequent occurrence when a talented person becomes overly confident or even conceited because of their seemingly superior abilities. So, it makes it harder for them to see through their perfection and spot weaknesses which should be addressed.

Moreover, such people do not possess good interpersonal skills. In the modern world team work is applied almost in every sphere. So, HR managers would be very cautious about hiring such talented, but potentially disruptive employees.

Talent Can’t Handle Failure

Here I do not mean to generalize, but people who consider themselves talented find it hard to bounce back after a failure. They would often become resentful towards the world for its injustice and might give up on their aspirations altogether.

Those who do not think as highly of themselves are more likely to accept the situation and move forward. They do not expect instant recognition. Those who understand that it is grit and not talent which determines success are bound to achieve it sooner or later.


If you happen to be talented, do not despair. These are just the potential pitfalls you should be aware of; if you work hard and can handle criticism, talent is not going to stunt you.

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