The Disastrous Power of Smartphones

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In the modern world there is a constant necessity to stay connected. Whether it is for a job interview or for setting a date, smartphones have proven extremely useful for people of all nationalities, social classes and occupations.

However, with every convenience there is a price to pay. In case of smartphone users it is health risks, social alienation and the overall decrease in quality of life, especially if you are a student.

Smartphones Are Not Healthy

Phones can lead to posture deformations often resulting in the so-called text next. Often people would use their devices in uncomfortable positions which if done regularly could lead to serious health problems.

Smartphones cause screen fatigue. It is commonly known that they can damage eyesight, especially when used in the darkness. Screen fatigue can also lead to dry eyes and terrible headaches, often rendering people completely dysfunctional for a day or two.

Moreover, they lead to psychological issues. Being absorbed in social media often hampers real life communication skills. People would suffer from loneliness not realizing the root of the problem. It is true that sometimes devices can help people connect, but after the initial acquaintance stage it is better to get out and meet in person rather than keep texting.

Smartphones Are Distracting

No matter how determined you are to complete a certain assignment, an instant notification would get anybody off guard. This is a dangerous pattern of behavior to follow because the more you get distracted, the worse your attention span gets.

It is especially detrimental for the young couples. When you see your loved one browse through the newsfeed instead of talking to you, it is easy to get offended by such behavior. Young couples who have not had enough experience of dealing with misunderstandings are really vulnerable to such conflicts.

This rude demeanor is often referred to as phubbing on the Internet. If you keep on doing it, not only you will become less smart, but may also lose those who love you and care for you. So, maybe, it’s time you put your phone away and actually focus on the conversation.

How to Deal with It?

First of all, limit your smartphone usage. It is an easy tip to follow, but if people did it there would not be a problem in the first place.

It makes sense to turn off or at least put your phone away before bed. It has been proven that bright smartphone screens reduce the amount of melatonin produced which is a hormone necessary for healthy sleep.

Turn off notifications. Set times for smartphone usage. For instance, tell yourself (or better write in a planner) that you would check e-mail or any other news at this very time during the day. It will be very hard to resist the temptation at first, but sooner or later it will just become another useful habit.


It is not about being anti-smartphone, but more about mindfulness and moderation. It is impossible to eliminate smartphones out of our lives. They have become a number one tool of communication, and people find it hard to change their habits.

However, it is possible to stay aware and control your usage, no matter how tempting it is to stay glued to your phone all day long. If you do that, you will become a much happier and productive person. Moreover, you will be able to foster more meaningful relationships and have more relaxing time for yourself.

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