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Have you noticed that the life of average students looks more like a routine and is quite boring? Well, the key to this problem can be different but in most of the cases, the reason for that is being disabled to plan your time successfully. What can be done to avoid this problem? The answer is to look through our pieces of advice and try to incorporate them in your life. Also, if you are looking for other original essays regarding this topic, you are more than welcome to use our website

Pieces of Advice on Planning Your Time

Advice # 1 Define Your Priority

Many students cannot plan their time successfully simply because they never divide things to do into 3 categories:  the most important, less important and not important for some period of time. Such a separation will help you to split your studying hours correctly, as you will spend more hours of your time doing something that is extremely significant for now.

Advice # 2 Make an Everyday Plan

Some people waste enormous amounts of their time simply because they have no plan and often blame their failures on time. There are two different ways of creating an everyday plan.

7am-8:30 ­ waking up, eating breakfast

8:30-10:30 ­ studying (writing 2 essays on world literature)

10:30-12:00 ­ cleaning up the room

And so on. Here you can plan anything you want, like sleeping, eating, studying, resting hours etc. Even going to shop to buy some food should be planned.

  1. The first one is to literally fill each hour of a day with a task. For example, it may look like this:
  1. The second way to plan your time is just writing down main things to do during a day. You don’t need to write hours for each task, but this approach is quite hard at the beginning and should be used by self-disciplined students. Otherwise, you can easily lose the sense of time and end up watching TV or playing computer games for a whole day.

Advice # 3 Consider Your Activity Level

Can’t Wake Up

Some people are good at solving hard tasks in the morning, whereas others in the evening. You should always take into account the level of energy you have during different parts of a day. If you are a «morning person», try to cope with the most important tasks during the first part of a day and leave less important things for the evening.

Advice # 4 Make Breaks

Researches show that making 10 minutes break after 45 minutes of studying is good for our brain and will help us to finish tasks faster. But make sure you do not exceed the time of such a break.

Advice # 5 Apps Can Help You

Most of the people lose their concentration by looking into Smartphone all the time, but there is an effective way to deal with this problem. You can download a special app called «Forest» or apps similar to this one in your Play Market and discover how they can help you save your time. You can also download «TimeTune» or «ToDoist» which can help you plan your day in 2 mentioned ways.

To sum up, it is not easy to follow all pieces of advice at once and you shouldn’t feel guilty about that, but as soon as you start making the first steps you will discover how much time you have to finish all the tasks as well as rest and enjoy your life. Good luck with everything!

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