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Education is an essential part of our lives and nowadays the question about where to study is asked more and more often. People always want to choose the best for them and their children and today we are going to compare education on different continents of the world, mention its pluses and minuses so you can later decide where your perfect place to study is. And if you need any help with essay writing, don’t hesitate to use our service

The USA and Canada

These two countries probably take the highest positions regarding the quality of education. Canadian universities are cheaper than those in the USA. The cost of living is high in both countries but you can receive a full or partial scholarship.

Australia and New Zealand

If you want to study in a special place you can choose between these two countries. Such an experience will not only give you knowledge but also a vivid experience and unforgettable memories.

Advantages of Studying In These Countries

  1. Most of the programs in these countries were designed for a significant percentage of the population. People from all around the world come to study there and many receive scholarships too.
  2. Education in mentioned countries provides its graduates with many opportunities for employment, as diplomas they give are well known around the Globe and open many doors.
  3. Mass recruitment of foreign students. Also, many universities provide students with good accommodations and sometimes do it for free.
  4. Education takes into consideration peculiarities and needs of local people.
  5. There is a great attention to scientific research and applied knowledge.
  6. The level of scientific researches is very high.
  7. Distance education is well-developed, so if you cannot attend classes for some reasons you can simply do everything online.
  8. The number of scientific and technical specialists, masters and doctors of Sciences is impressive.
  9. Most of the universities are public.

Disadvantages of Studying In These Countries

  1. The high cost of living. Those who receive a scholarship each month should not worry much, as it is usually enough for basic needs. In case you don’t have it, you must pay for each academic year as well as pay a rent and buy food.
  2. Functional literacy of schoolchildren is at a low level.
  3. There are lots of public universities, but the number of private ones is even higher.
  4. There is a shortage of scientific, engineering and educational workers.

In conclusion, no matter which country you choose out of mentioned 4, you can be sure to receive an amazing education and have a chance to spend unforgettable student years overseas.

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