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Some theories help us to achieve success, happiness, luck and our goals in life. Sometimes they help in your studies, they allow you to coordinate the flow of thoughts and write a good course work, which can also be done at All these are trivialities, but it is of them that our life consists. Of course, many theories are meaningless, but it is better to study each one in detail and apply them in practice.

Time is the most important thing in our world, but there is neither space nor time in the next spiritual world, where we can get up mentally, everything is much simpler there. It is unlikely that the theories that we devise in the course of our earthly life will be relevant in the next one, but it makes sense to consider them and draw some conclusions for ourselves.

Theory of Time Management

We do not talk about time management within the framework of business or study. We are discussing an abstract model that can later be applied in any sphere of life.

So, the theory of time management is very important for a modern human, who is constantly late and does not have time. Therefore, learn how to organize your time each day.

The first and main way to apply this theory is to make up your own schedule for each day and follow it. The schedule will make it possible to do all the business in 2-3 or even 4 times faster than usual. Organized time is very helpful in dealing with all matters faster than others.

Theory of Gravity

It complements the simple law of gravitation. All objects in our world gravitate to Earth. But it stops as soon as we leave this Earth. This is elementary physics, the law of gravitation. This theory works the same way as the rule of mental drawing of things that we need into our lives.

This can be regarded as an offshoot of the assumption that bad thoughts attract bad phenomena in life and vice versa. People do not attach significance to this, because they believe that physical laws are not applicable in mental sense. This is the fundamentally wrong approach, because everything in the world is much more closely interconnected than it may seem at first glance.

Quantum Theory of Gravity

This theory complements the law of gravitation and confirms what we said in the previous paragraph. It proves that not only material things and people gravitate to the Earth, but people also draw their thoughts and what they think about more often to themselves. The range of application of these principles is unlimited. Perhaps their correct perception and acceptance could help many people to give acceleration to their lives in the direction that they most dream about. The laws of nature will never change and they can be safely followed, creating the future from today.

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