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You can complete a course of psychiatry and psychotherapy, take the appropriate exams and get certificates, but not understand what willpower is. Although, if you type this request into search system, you will be overwhelmed by a mountain of definitions, a lot of texts, a lot of proposals for training, where one will develop and strengthen your willpower.

Young people do not want to learn. This is no wonder, because it is much more interesting to walk with friends, watch movies and have fun. Few people exchange such pastime for irregular English verbs or formulas of physics or chemistry, as most of them use for these assignments. But it is this seemingly unattractive information that can change the life of a person for the better. It will allow you to master the language, get an international standard education, make a successful career, etc. How good it would be to have an iron will.

It often happens that later a person realizes something that has already been lost. For example, you can find bright gaps in the knowledge of a foreign language, which might not have been, or suddenly at the next interview a person realizes that he or she did not learn this exact formula of biochemistry properly.

At such moments disappointment and regret come, which cannot contribute to your becoming a professional.

This problem occurs in weight loss issues very often. The most important question is how to strengthen the ability to resist temptations. And this issue can easily be transferred to any sphere of human existence. Temptations are calling us from everywhere and often we just cannot find the justification for our rejection of them. Therefore, we do not refuse.

People can turn to psychologists. "Doctor! Do something with me! Give me this willpower". But, friends, if we had a simple solution here, we would all know about it, and the problem of "weak willpower " would disappear by itself.

Psychological Prism

Let us try to look at the problem through the psychological structure of the person. It is more accurate to even say through the system of his or her needs. We will not dig far down, just agree that a person wants something good for himself or herself (tasty, gentle, significant, approved) in the present and something of the same type in the future.

These needs are largely instinctive, and, therefore, they are not always fully realized. If one of the needs is not satisfied or its satisfaction does not promise to be simple and easy in the future, then tension appears. And there is some kind of activity aimed at meeting this need, weakening the sense of need. Often the needs are contradictory. Often, the needs of the present are contrary to the needs of the future.

The problem of willpower is essentially a matter of choice. Most often it is the need to do something unpleasant or not quite appropriate at the moment to meet some need for the future. For example, do not eat in the evening and give up the sweet today in order to lose weight. Refuse to have parties and study for the sake of a career in the future.

Usually, the person makes this problem psychotherapeutic. There is not enough strength and sense to do something useful, but it is considered unworthy to do what you want.

The work should be conducted not in relation to the strengthening of some kind of mythical willpower, but in terms of greater confidence in oneself, in natural subconscious life, in instincts.

Problems of willpower do not arise (guys, never arises!) If we are dealing with an adult, self-sufficient, open for experience and cooperation person. Do you know why? Because this person just knows how to prioritize. They do what they currently need most and what is the most interesting for them. It is clear that this is what is best for him or her.

The problem of will power is completely proportional to the problem of psychological maturation. As, by the way, the problem of unstable self-esteem is.

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