The Peculiarities of Working in a Team

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If the idea of working with other people on some school project does not sound great to you and you better done it all by yourself than trying to gather all members of your team in one place.

The teacher does not give you a task to do in teams just to make fun of you, no. Neither they want you to fail because of some "lazy bones" who happened to work on the project with you. In the next two paragraphs, we will try to change your opinion on this issue and you will understand all specialties of such collaboration.

The Definition of the Term

So, first of all we must understand what this name implicates in itself. Since elementary school and during your first job you will experience a situation where a work in groups will be obligatory. If having a good basis of working together this experience will be a great practice for you to hone your communicating skills. The task at school is clear: you get a few partners with whom you are to carry a project on geography or some lab work and present the results for your teacher.

The most important thing here is that everyone participates and contributes to a successful and efficient working process.

The Perks of a Team Work

  • Sharing ideas and opinions. One head with ideas is good but a few ones is definitely better.
  • Less work for one individual. Carrying a project on your own can be a daunting task when having to pay attention to all its peculiarities and do it timely. Therefore, this is a good chance to work a bit less but get the same score as if working alone;
  • Communication. A disaster for introverts but blessing for extraverts. Just kidding, introverts are even more productive in teams as they also like to feel themselves as a part of something big and they are usually very diligent and responsible when it comes to their part of a task;
  • Constant support. If you feel down today cannot find a solution, you will have no chance to cease with the project as others will go on and rise you up, adding new ideas. Also, you can always ask for help and the team will figure everything up in a whole;
  • Diving in the roles. There always will be a leader, a rebel who will contradict every idea, the quietest person and someone else. And you have to get along with everyone;
  • The toughest part comes when you are demanded to present your project orally. Most teachers require ALL members of the group to say a word. However, after being thoroughly prepared and the speech text divided among all project contributors, you will face no fear in delivering your part of a speech as being surrounded by your friends is better than performing alone, isn't it?

To make things equally explained, we will add a few milestones of working in a team just to bear in mind:

  • Dependence on the general speed of working. If you divide the task among all group members, you will surely have some people being slower than others and not meeting the deadlines;
  • Those "lazy bones". They are in every group and constantly obstacle the running process;
  • Work under the rule of someone. It does not happen every time but sometimes when two leaders meeting in one group, an apocalypse begins. Actually, that is one of the main reasons why teachers permanently practice working in groups. So, this task proves your ability to get along with other people;
  • A chance that you will do the toughest work. Not everyone is so smart in... let's say chemistry, so if you are the one truly interested in this subject, you will have to work much, but remember that the grades will be divided between all group members. Not fair? It is real life.

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