How to Write an Essay: Useful Pieces of Advice

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Structure of an Essay

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The structure can be defined by presented requirements:

  1. Thoughts of an author should be put in main points.
  2. The author should furnish proofs for his or her thoughts. That is why after every main point arguments come. Arguments are facts, events, social life phenomenon, life situations and life experience, scientific evidence, references to the scientist's opinion etc. It is better to provide every main point with two arguments. One argument seems to be not rather convincing. Three of them may overload an exposition, which is made in short and imagery oriented genre.


That is why an essay gets its circled structure (the number of main points and arguments depend on the theme, the chosen plan and the logic of thoughts development):

  1. Introduction.
  2. Main point, arguments.
  3. Main point, arguments.
  4. Main point, arguments.
  5. Conclusion.

Things to Pay Attention To

You should take into consideration the following features while learning to write an essay:

  1. Introduction and conclusion should be focused on the main problem. It is put in introduction and author's opinion is summarized in conclusion.
  2. It is necessary to mark paragraphs and to set the right logic connection between them. This is the only way to achieve the unity of work.
  3. The style of exposition: emotionality, expressiveness and creativeness. Specialists say that short sentences that are easy to comprehend and sentences with different intonation produce proper effect. However, remember that style reflects the peculiarities of a person.
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Check Yourself

Pay attention to the next questions before starting to write. Your answers will help you to define better what you should write.

  • 1. Taking into Account Your Skills and Features, Ask Yourself:

    Am I different from the people I know taking into account certain features of character?

    How does this feature maintain itself?

  • 2. About Your Current or Previous Occupation:

    What has inspired me to choose this work?

  • Why am I still doing it?

    3. About Every Event in Your Life Which You Have Mentioned:

  • Why do I remember specifically this event?

    Has it changed me as a personality?

    How did I react to it?

    Was it an unsuspected revelation for me?

  • 4. About Every Person You Have Mentioned:

    Why did I choose this person?

    Am I striving to be like them?

    Which of their qualities do I admire?

    Has this person said something that I will remember the whole life long?

    Did I change my views?

  • 5. About Each of Your Preferences and Things You Do Not Like:

    Why do (don't) I like it?

    Did this circumstance influence my life to a great extent?

  • 6. About Your Failures:

    What have I learned as result?

    What useful experience have I brought out of this situation?

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