The Moon and Health

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The Moon

The influence of the moon on a human is not just mysterious myths invented by the people. Almost certainly one can say that students do not think about this topic at all, they have many other important things to do. However, if you are well informed, you can avoid many problems and increase your productivity in the future. How? And how does the moon affect a person?

There are many different theories and conjectures about this. But one can say for sure – depending on the lunar cycle and the lunar phase, our health conditions may change. The fact is that the moon is in constant movement around our planet, it regularly reflects sunlight from different sides of its surface, and this affects the life of a person on the planet Earth. Moreover, the moon has a direct influence on the tides of water – its gravitational field attracts large water masses, which causes the rise of their level.

But let us return to our questions. The state of people often depends on the phase in which the moon is now. Each phase lasts about a week. If lunar days determine our behavior to a greater degree, then phases affect the state of our body, the degree of its vitality and activity.

You must have noticed that on some days of the month, you wake up vigorously and full of energy, and on others – languid and tired. If you take a closer look at this phenomenon, you can see that changes in our state of health are cyclical. Different phases of the moon affect our emotional state, the nervous system and the energy level.

Let us talk about this in more detail.

In the new moon, energy resources are at a minimum level. Therefore, people may feel lack of strength, weakness and need for rest. Some have unexpected fears and obsessions. Men react to the new moon more than women. At this time, they can be aggressive and nervous. This is not the best time to start a new creative work like writing an essay, so it is better to order it on

During this period, it is not recommended to engage in physical labor. It is necessary to try to minimize nervous tension and aggression, because it is during this period that the greatest number of strokes and heart attacks are observed. Be less nervous about possible failures at your university. Health is more important.

This time is favorable for getting rid of bad habits, for carrying out cleaning procedures.

Phases of the growing moon are the best time for new beginnings. It can strengthen the immune system, speed up the metabolic process. At this time, a person has a lot of energy. Therefore, all physical exercises started at this time will be given easily and carried out with enthusiasm. Any load can be higher than a person can withstand at first glance.

In the full moon, our feelings and emotions become brighter. During this period, human psyche becomes very vulnerable. Insomnia, excessive energy and restlessness are possible. Full moon affects women more, as they are more often guided by their emotions.

Chronic diseases are often exacerbated, so every person needs to monitor their health, paying attention to any ailments. There is a common opinion that has no scientific confirmation, that during the full moon it is better not to do any operations. It is said that at this time, the blood coagulates worse, therefore, surgical interventions, even minor ones, should be postponed for another time.

The period of the waning moon is the most appropriate time to finally get rid of everything that annoys you. Diseases lose power, metabolic processes slow down. It is recommended to drink more liquid to facilitate the removal of toxins from your organism.

One tried to explore our today’s topic for decades, revealing new interesting facts about how we depend on the satellite of the Earth. With this information, you can better know yourself and properly tune in for studies and work.

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