Concentrate on Learning: Get Everything Set Up

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Getting ready for an exam or a test can be a challenging task. Actually, most of people face issues with concentrating their attention on a certain assignment they are working on. There are still a few simple and clear steps to follow in case you need to focus your attention.

Concentrate on Learning

What to Do?

Keep yourself organized and do the following.

  1. Find the Place

    The first thing you need to do is to find the best suitable place for studying. Your bedroom or class are not always the options. You will need a good and silent place with a big comfortable chair, let’s say your living room. It is recommended not to have a TV set, computer and cellphone around. A library can work in this case, as it is silent enough. Your parents` cabinet can also be used on the studying purpose, if it does not have any distracting factors.

  2. Get All the Necessary Things Beforehand

    It is not a good thing to waste your time on searching of pens, highlighters, rulers etc. while studying. Think over what you need and get everything arranged before you actually start working.

  3. Find a Partner for Learning

    Choose a responsible person to study with you. It is not necessary to ask your best friend for such a help, because communication that does not relate to studying can also be distracting. Learning together with someone is a good idea, because you can share thoughts and look at the same issues from the other perspectives.

    Some people think that the partner in studies will more likely make it even more difficult to focus. If you are an extrovert and like people and communication, forget about this advice. In case you are an introvert (a bit shy person and keep your thoughts within your head only), learning with someone can help a lot. It is also good to choose a mate, who is introvert, so they will not speak a lot on the side issues.

    It is recommended to study with someone, whom you consider to be smarter than you. It is obvious, but a lot of students forget about this. If you are aimed on effective learning, select a person, who is intelligent, devoted and ready to explain some of the unclear points to you, so that your time spent on studying will be more fruitful.

    Studying Together
  4. Think About Food

    Do not consume energetic drinks and coffee, as they are harmful for your health. Take muesli, fruits and water. This is a simple food, which takes toxins out of your organism.

  5. Make Breaks

    Do not study too hard: make breaks every 45 minutes to improve your productivity. 10 minutes of rest will help a lot, but more than 20 minutes will be too much. Not to miss your break or not to rest for too long, set alarms.

  6. Get Motivated

    Set a proper motivation for learning. Take every task with understanding what it will bring to you. Remember that your exam is a possibility to check your knowledge.

    Set an aim, even if it does not seem to be realistic. Try to do your best to achieve more than you think you can. Think of the prize to get if you manage to reach your goal.

  7. Organize the Studying Process

    Now you have your head and books, so go ahead! Make short notes in form of schemes and tables. Develop your own way of memorizing (with the help of creating a song or a poem). Make sure you understand the basic information before you proceed to learning of the details.

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