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Life is both a very simple and a very difficult thing. We bet, once you have asked yourself a question like: “What is the aim of life on the Earth?” Have you ever wondered if there is another civilization on the other planet? What is art? How does the vending machine work? For sure, a lot of questions still have no answers. Here are some documentaries that will help you to understand the life on our planet a little bit better.


BBC Series

Even if you had never watched any documentary film, you would probably have heard about the BBC documentary series. There are a lot of categories: Life, Civilization, History, Horizon etc. On every question you wondered in, you can find the answer among huge number of episodes. For example, Life series is about the history of animal world. Series will show you a stunning beauty of the world and the new discoveries of how animals survive on our planet.

Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman

What are we made of? What was before us? What is our aim of life? Is there the Creator above the clouds? These questions are explored by series, hosted by Morgan Freeman. Host wasn’t randomly chosen. Thanks to the movie “Bruce Nolan”, a lot of people associate Morgan Freeman with God. So, this fact adds some philosophical atmosphere during the watch. The show will explore the deepest mysteries by means of the discoveries from the all edges of science to unravel truth about mankind and the world we live in.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

13 episodes will tell you about the latest scientific discoveries in astrophysics and astronautics. This film is about how humanity found out the laws of the outer space, the possibility of interplanetary traveling and about cosmic processes in common. The narrators explain difficult things in simple words. 3D effects, unique shootings from the Hubble Telescope and breathtaking beauty of cosmos makes every episode exciting.



Unlike the previous ones, “Home” is a full-length feature film. It`s more like social art – there is no narrator, who will explain you everything on the screen. The film shows wonderful views of our planet and the unhealed scars, that were left by the anthropogenic activity – industrialization, effects of endless wars, environmental disasters, which were caused by people. This film simply reveals the real situation on the planet without any blaming commentaries. “Home” was created as a call to unite people under the common aim – to save the future of Earth.

Deep Web

Nowadays, the Internet is a huge part of our lives. It ruins the borders, lets you travel everywhere you want and buy everything you want just sitting on the couch in your room. But not everyone knows – the Internet that we explore with the normal access is just the peak of the iceberg. This documentary explores the creation of a new “dark” internet – encrypted, dangerous and illegal. If you want to join the mystery of the deepest places of the web, just turn on this documentary.

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Street Art

Banksy is the world famous street artist, who is known for his interesting, shocking, ironical and extremely social works – from the rat with a brush to the kissing constables. This documentary was supposed to be about Banksy, but it has turned into a much deeper thing. The plot is extremely complicated. The film tells about the artist Mr. Brainwash, who decided to practice street art. Firstly, his aim was just to film how other artists go on streets. That all changed, when he made friends with Banksy, and decided to do art himself. Mr. Brainwash is surprisingly talented and clever, but over the time he begins to copy other works, thus he turns creativity into the “gift shop”. Banksy shows up in this documentary with his face covered. Also, you will see a lot of famous artists, like Space Invader and OBEY. And, of course, there is a lot of street art and humor in this film.

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