Back to School and First Week's Highs&Lows You Will Have to Come Through

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The precious warm summer days are coming to an end and it means you have to start preparing yourself for coming back to school ot check this page So put your go-to lecture outfits out of your closet and trade your beach reads for textbooks. Even if you are of those students who are looking forward to finally be back to school, make sure you are mentally ready for the ups and downs first week may offer you. Here are some tips for you on how to handle everything easily.


Syllabus week

This week is literary the best week of the semester so you better make sure you are taking the most of it! All students know that there are only few things that sound better than phrases "no homework" or "you may be free earlier". Syllabus week gives you the last chance to enjoy the last few days of freedom and have a chance to catch up with all your college friends.

Meeting school buddies

Surely you have communicated with some of your friends via the internet and may be aware of all the latest gossips, but nothing can beat reuniting with your squad on campus. Long talks, crazy nights out, unforgettable parties - yes, the first week is going to be very interesting!

Showing new wardrobe

That's very important, especially for girls. No doubt, even if you are not keen on buying new things, you have purchased at least a couple of fantastic outfits you are dying to show off to your friends. Besides, first week might be the last time from the whole semester when you really will have a will or efforts to dress up for classes.

Fresh start

Each new semester at school offers a unique and valuable opportunity for every single student to have a fresh start. New classes, new schedule, new assignments, even new teachers, and new chance to finally make it right. Even if the last studying year was not one of the best periods of your life and brought you some problems, you can forget about it now and concentrate on making the current semester whatever you want it to be!


Moving your stuff

No doubt, moving day will make your regret buying every single thing that should be transferred to your dorm. Seeing all the suitcases and packages you know are needed to be unpacked and then thinking about all the piles of things you will have to place on their places can surely make you feel stressful and frustrated.

Dealing with roommates

Roommate Drama

No matter whether you're living with your friends or strangers, roommate dramas are an unavoidable part of a dorm life. So, make sure you are prepared for arguments over whose turn it is to clean the room or wash the dishes.


Nobody likes to spend money on something they really don't want to buy, like new textbooks for example. College expenses can make anyone fall into depression, especially when you know you should care about everything on your own. So better learn some useful budgeting money skills before being back to school, that may help you greatly to save some cash!

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