How Bosses Should Not Behave: Human Resources Essay

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Do you feel demotivated every time when you are at your workplace? Does every working day feel like the most boring routine that could ever happen to you? The reasons for this state can be different, but one of the most dangerous ones is a behavior of your boss. Read this essay and find out which mistakes your boss can make. If you need more papers on human resources, just follow this link.

Professional Incompetence

All of us know that being a manager or an entrepreneur requires slightly different skills from the ones which the certain specialists have. However, if a manager displays their incompetence, they risk losing respect of employees, as commonly the boss is considered to be the smartest and the most competent person in the company. What is more, in case the employees are not honest enough, they might lie regarding some working details to the boss. And they will not even be able to notice the lie.

Not Being a Part of a Team

It is a well-known fact that the best manager is a good team-player. One cannot build a strong business alone – you have to be a part of a team. When the manager is always working apart, not supporting the employees and showing no interest to them, it might end with a deal break – people will not want to work for this boss any longer.

Losing Temper

Anger management is not the easiest thing, especially when you are running the business and every mistake of your employee can cost you money. However, if you are hiring people, you are to realize that they will make mistakes (you will do it, too) until they learn how to do things right. If you do not show any patience and do not try to be a good teacher for your team, you will end up alone or will have to hire new people every few months.

Not Celebrating Success


When employees are working altogether to reach the goal the chief sets for them, and, finally, they succeed, they, for sure, do their best and believe in company’s values. Such a team deserves a reward. However, if the boss fails to celebrate the successes together with their employees, they will feel unmotivated and not valued enough.

Employees Are Overworking

Overworking employees are not always showing a sign of their devotion. They might just not be able to cope with the load of work the manager assigns to them and be afraid of getting fines or being fired if they fail to complete everything on time. If the manager notices that his employees are staying at the workplace much longer than they should or are working from home, it would be a good idea to check if the deadlines and tasks are fair enough.

Not Listening to Opinions

Without a doubt, it is not possible to manage the company successfully if you take into consideration every single opinion. But this does not mean that the boss should ignore the feedbacks of the employees. They are the ones who know all the processes in details and can share some valuable advice or warn about a serious problem so it can be prevented. Also, when the manager hears the critics, it should not be taken personally – instead, they are to take it into account and do their best to get rid of the negative causes.

Untrue Promises

Can you imagine a feeling of being lied to? This is just the same things the employees feel when the promises of the manager never come true. Sometimes, the bosses are giving sweet promises in order to motivate (read “manipulate”) the person. It can be something like a bonus, higher salary or a promotion. However, very often the managers are unable to bring this to life, which makes the person an untrusty one and the employee demotivated. If the boss continues like this for long, the employee will lose their trust forever.

Many Sticks, No Carrots

Many employers are using a “stick and carrot” method, and it proved to be effective. But if the employee experiences only stick and no carrot, they will find another place where they will have enough carrots. Make sure that you get appraisals as well as criticism – this will help you to balance the working process.

Total Control

Do you know any person who would like to be watched every second of their life? If you have a healthy mind, you will surely get irritated with that. Very often, bosses try to control every step of their employee at work. Sometimes, they are even afraid to let them do something on their own. This leads to a lack of creativity and to an inability of the employee to make decisions. The total control kills the desire to be responsible.

Choosing Favs

This might sound like a school habit but sometimes it happens at offices too. The managers are just humans after all, and they can like some employees more or less. But still, it does not mean that we can justify this mistake – if one and the same person gets rewards all the time, it will be damaging for the whole team. Also, disliking the certain employee will make them feel like an outcast or a weak player and make them want to leave instead of getting more skilled. 

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