From Loyalty from Customer to Loyalty to Customer: Marketing Essay

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A customer’s loyalty is what businesses are struggling for all the time. If you are running business and offering some products or services, you do not only need to get the customer, you would love him to stay with you as long as possible. This is called loyalty: you are sure that your client is happy with what they have received as a product and comes back to you. However, there is a return notion of this phenomenon – loyalty to a customer. So, what does it mean? Learn in our new essay at!

Putting Quality in the First Place

Despite all the additional features you might offer, the customer comes to you to get high-quality products. Even when a person is paying less money than they should, they still expect to get the best product or service. This is why you should not be caught on the hook of lowering your quality with time (as many entrepreneurs do). In most cases, this will let you offer a lower price to the customer and be more competitive on the market, but without any doubts, your clients will leave you when they discover that your quality is worse than it used to be.


Imagine a situation when you come to a chocolate shop and see that a new chocolate bar is presented – the price is very fair, you buy and taste it and become happy that your hometown confectionery can finally offer a perfect product to chocolate-lovers. In a month, you come there with your girlfriend (who is actually a chocolate-lover we were talking about), buy the same bar, and it appears worse than ordinary. How would you feel in this situation? You would definitely not come back to this store, and your girlfriend would think that you have a bad taste.

Customers Choose You for Your Values

Have you ever thought how customers make their choice between the two almost identical companies? Do they judge on a logo or a slogan? Maybe, they do. But the main thing is that all your company’s regalia are to represent your values and do it in a way to make them recognizable for a customer.

So, your values are actually a thing that makes you different and the reason for the client to choose you among others. There are different methods of how you can display your values to others. If you care about nature, you can mention that your products are safe for the environment (most environmentalists will pay attention to it). In case you support the mental health movement, you can donate a certain amount from every sale to this kind of foundation.

Also, you should remember that most clients do not like a change of values – if you decide to transform them, you might lose many customers as they will consider you not trustworthy enough when not getting what they expected.

Customers Love When You Solve Their Problems

There are two types of problems: the first type is the one which the client solves with the help of your product, and the second type is the one which appears when the customer deals with your product. Very often, people need after-sale service, and you are to provide it if you want to be loyal to your customer. Make sure that your customer support is helpful, quick and easy to contact. In case the client complains, listen to them carefully – it will not only help you to solve their problem but also to improve your product. Do not let the customer go with the problem – provide a proper assistance and be sure to get great recommendations and feedbacks.

Your Customer Deserves a Reward

People like being recognized. Especially if they have paid money to you or have been paying money to you for a long time. Motivate your clients to stay with you for longer – give them a discount or a free item for being with you for one year, for example. There are many ways of how you can encourage them. Also, a great method is to showcase your client on your website or social media – they will get recognition and your new or potential customers will receive a great example. 

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