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From the name of our topic you probably got an idea of what will be described in the following abstracts. But let’s clarify one more detail. This article is mostly dedicated to men, who sometimes have no idea of what to give as a present for a loved woman, mom or just a classmate and who often make terrible mistakes while choosing a present. We also hope our service may help you in the future with other types of school essays on a similar topic.

Present # 1 Any Products for Weight Loss

Even if you know that your girlfriend or friend wants to lose some weight, is crazy about diets and attends gym every week, never give her jump rope, pills for weight loss, scales or gym membership as a presents. In case of suicidal mood, you’re welcome to proceed.

Present # 2 Creams for Acne or Wrinkles

Our skin tends to have small defects sometimes but it is better to create an impression that you don’t mention them.

Present # 3 Perfumes

In case you know your friend too good and are sure about her favorite types of perfumes, you can take a risk, but in all the other cases don’t even try as girls can search for hours in order to find the best smell and the chance you will guess it is like 10%. It also refers to decorative cosmetics, for example, lip gloss, eyebrow pencils, eyeshadow, concealers etc. 

Present # 4 Home Pets

Home pets can become a great present only if you know that a girl wanted them. In all the other cases, it is better not to risk. For example, in case your friend studies a lot and has no time to take care of someone else, it won’t be the best idea to make such a gift.

Present # 5 Fake Begs From Chinese Markets

First of all, you don’t know if she’ll like it. Second of all, it is better to give a small present of a great quality rather than something that would be destroyed within a couple of months.

Present # 6 Money

We all know how busy a life of a person can be. But in case you want to make some memorable present, avoid just giving money. It will only prove the lack of your attention towards a person as well as a lack of desire to make her present special.

Present # 7 Extremely Expensive Presents

This rule works in case you don’t really know a person or you’ve known each other for a short period of time. Giving extremely expensive jewelry, for example, can create an impression that you want to «buy» her attention. Moreover, many people don’t like receiving such presents at all.

In summary, in case you want to make a really nice present for a girl, try to avoid all of the mentioned things in order not to feel sorry or guilty about making a wrong choice later. 

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