Power Up Your Resume: Quick Tips

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A resume is a paper that will either bring you success or failure. You can rewrite an essay, but a resume is a final statement of your work and achievements that will be viewed by the employer. Usually, a resume is sent out before the interview or afterwards, so make sure to have it if you are planning to apply for a job. After writing the important details, you may still feel insecure about it, so here are a few tips that will get you farther and help you polish up your resume.

Get Recommendations

Boasting about yourself might be fun, but when others do it for you, it has a much better ring to it. If you have no prior job experience, get a good teacher at school or at an extracurricular club to write about your successes. Even such a small recommendation will get you far. Include it in a separate document file or print it out on another piece of paper.

Volunteer Work

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Think back at all the volunteer work you have done in these years. Certainly, there has been some events when you helped out with the school play, lent a helping hand at a charity festival or helped gather recyclable items in the school hall. Do not think that these activities were too insignificant to put them on a resume. Each one helps the employer to see you in a better light and adds to the decision of including you in their team of talented people.

Explain Reasons

Do not simply write that you are punctual, hard-working, organized. Provide some small examples from your real life work that explain why you think you possess these qualities or how they will be helpful to your boss at this new job. Instead of writing “punctual”, you can write “punctual – made sure that meetings were starting on time in the Japanese language club” or “punctual – would rather start and finish the job early”. It shapes the image you create in your employer’s mind and shows him that there are substantial reasons behind your words, that you can always prove what you claim.

Pay Attention to Format

It is pretty obvious, but a lot of students forget to make sure their resume looks presentable. Choose an appropriate font, do not make the size of the text too small and unreadable, bold the important information such as your name or the position you are applying for. Such quick styling is like combing your hair before an outing or putting on lipstick – a small thing that can leave a lasting impression.Here are some more tips on how to make your document look neater.

Thank For Reading

When you send a resume, thank the employer in the enclosed letter for taking the time to read it and consider you for the position. Kindness should never be underestimated, as it is something that all human beings can understand and appreciate. The same goes for the interview – leave a thank you card or send an e-mail saying that you appreciate the time they have spent on you. Sometimes it is a small thing like this that will be a deciding factor between two similar candidates, as politeness and manners go a long way.

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